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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Vacation, Gardening, Knitting!

Whew! I've been busy! I haven't posted in a while. Knitting usually falls to the wayside during the beginning of gardening season ... plus, I spent a few days in east Texas, at my dad's mosquito-and-poison-ivy ranch. Above is the source of the mosquitoes ...

And here is a plant representing a tiny fraction of all the poison ivy there:

I blundered through this stuff constantly, but luckily, didn't get a rash.

Here's part of the creek that feeds into the pond. It was lovely back in the woods, but the mosquitoes were truly horrendous.

On the way back to Baltimore. Smooth flights both ways.

And the gardening! I've been keeping them fairly weed-free so far, but I am fighting a losing battle with the #*$&% wild strawberries.

And I may have gone a bit overboard with the squash. I just hate to thin plants. I always worry the one I leave behind will fail later, and I'll have nothing.

Two tomatoes, an eggplant, a sweet mini-bell pepper, coupla cukes, and an undisclosed number of zuch and yellow squash.

Herbs to the side ... lotsa basil, chives, oregano, parsley, lemon balm, sage. Eucalyptus that comes back every year.
Pretty Kitty, the queen of the backyard.
I had some hyacinth in the front ... realized finally that it's just too much sun. Unfortunately, I don't really have a good shady place for them, so I moved them out back by the herbs. I hope they thrive, but I dunno. It's awfully sunny.

I planted some flowers in the front, instead, around a pink hibiscus.

Georgie Girl in her favorite shady spot, between the clematis and the hostas. Can you see her in there?

Spot of the Front Yard. Also known as Patches and Reese's. I call her Spot, because I'm imaginative like that.

I put all those potted plants out in an effort to hide the disintegrating sidewalk.

My front porch. I might hang some more plants ... when I get enough of them hanging, I can sit on the porch in my nightie and no one can see me.

I'm still slowly knitting a pullover-type thing, and another pair of socks. Slowly. Sloooowwwllly. 

Oh, and my Texas Aunt has a little black kitty that looks just like my late Edgar kitty ... I spent a lot of time carrying this kitty (Tucker) around, telling her how much she reminded me of my Edgar. She obliged me by sleeping with me and hanging out in my room. 

And finally ... this is my cat (Molly) on nip. 

I'm not sure which of us is blurry.

Thanks for stopping by!