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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Froggin' I Will Go...

It's always so painful to frog a project! But this ...

Diamond Vest from Paton's website...

Had to go. I cast it on back in January, when I weighed 15 lbs more than I do now. I've dropped 2 sizes since then, so it wouldn't fit now.

It has become ...

This! Paton's cardigan with cabled yoke.

(This part is the yoke)

Free pattern from the Paton's website.

It is buttoned at the top and should fit even if I lose a lot more weight, which I don't think I will. I might get one size lower, but I don't think I'll go further than that, so it should be safe to start knitting for myself again.

And the Crest of the Wave scarf continues ... when it's done, I will block it together with the Angry Eye scarf, and be done with both at once. It's so hot! I can't bear to knit much in this heat. 

Other news: I completed my 3rd 5k this year (since 29 April, actually). The 22nd Annual Spirit of Gettysburg 5k, which took place this past Saturday.

Here I am, in the pink tank and gray skort.

(Aside: I *love* exercise skorts. I feel so girlie in them! Especially with a fancy fingernail paint-job!)

My actual chip time was 39:40. I started out pretty far back from the start line.

That's all from here! Don't forget to stop by Andrea's for Fiber Arts Friday!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lazy Days of Almost Summer

Not getting too much knitting done ... a row here, a row there ...

A new ipad carrier. I suppose it didn't need a 100% merino wool 4-ply cabled handspun cover, but I have a bad habit of trying to save yarn for special projects ... then I wind up never using my "good" yarn. Silly, I know. So now ipad has a nice carry case/cover to keep it warm and protected from the uh, brutal Baltimore summer heat.

Picked up an old and long abandoned WIP! 

Crest of the Wave scarf I started in the winter, with Malabrigo. Easy pattern, but I get distracted and wind up having to go back and fix mistakes. It shall have a beaded fringe, and be loverly.

Free Rav pattern link here.

This is my latest heart-throb ... beckoning me from the yarn basket. KnitPicks. Colors are purple and green. 462 yards. Don't all yell "Wingspan" at once, now. I'm still deciding.

Okay, now on to Giveaway, Take II. I held another drawing for the roving and stitch markers featured on this post, since the first winner never came back and I couldn't contact her. So NANCY MCCARROLL is the new winner! Nancy, if you get in touch with me (is my email address on the webpage somewhere?) I'll send you the goodies!


Don't forget to stop by for Fiber Arts Friday Fun!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Finished Object Friday!

  Ta Da! A finished object! It's been so long since I had one of those, I'd nearly forgotten how to cast off. 

The Angry Eyes scarf is done, but it still needs to be blocked. I figure I'll get around to that in a month or two. It's not like I'll be wearing an alpaca scarf anytime soon. 

And, being the type of person I am ... instead of picking up one of the eleventy other WIPs I have laying around ... I started a new one. This is to be an ipad carrier. I hope to finish it soon and not just add it to the pile. I really do need something to carry it around in, and why buy a carry-case when I can knit one? Amiright? 

Or am I cheap?

Here's one of my handmade sweatbands after a washing. I must have dropped a stitch. I untangled it and pulled it back and re-knit it, and solemnly swore to only wash them in a garment net bag from now on.

These things really work, if you're wondering ... it's sock yarn, so it's either merino or merino/nylon, and it's light enough so that I don't feel like it's making me hotter. And they are very absorbent. I've made four, and I wore one under my ball cap when I ran outside, and didn't even feel it.

Oh ... and if you're wondering ...

Here is what poison oak looks like. If you didn't know.

I didn't know.

Thank God for steroid cream .... not only did it ease the itch and swelling, I got to pretend to go into ''roid rages' at work.

One final thing ... Dawn F. won the giveway drawing, but she never came back to tell me her address. I can't get in touch with her, because she uses google plus and there was no website or email address listed for her ... just an invitation to join google + so I could contact her. I've waited a few weeks. Should I just draw another name? I'm not sure of the etiquette. What do I do?

Thanks for stopping by! Please visit Andrea's blog for Fiber Arts Friday stuff!