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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dream Knits

Do you have projects you want to knit, but for some reason won't?

Cable Raglan Dress
Vogue Knitting Fall 2011

I would love to knit this! I'm not sure I would look so svelte in it (okay, I am positive I would not look svelte in this, but I would look okay), but I would love to make and wear it. I might yet, but I'm not sure I would wear it enough to make it work the time and money and effort. I just get too darned hot! I don't even wear heavy sweaters much in the winter, because once I get indoors, I don't need them. Especially now that I'm at a certain age where the temperature in a room inexplicably shoots up for a few minutes ... 

Here's another that I like: 

Sleeveless Dress 
Vogue Knitting Fall 2009

I might could wear this, but without the cowl neck. And this is sort of maybe in style right now (not that I have ever let something like that stop me!)

What about you all? Are there patterns you've been pining over? 

Georgie Girl would like a small bed of her own, please ... cat butt is not a comfy pillow. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Sweater

This is the A-Line Jacket I am attempting to make. 
Vogue Knitting, Fall 2013, pattern by Kazekobo

I decided to make it in stockinette stitch rather than reverse, which just won't look as nice with the Noro; I think all I have to do to alter the (very simple) pattern is reverse the WS and RS. 

Finished the back and set it to block (reverse side shown): 

I'm using Noro Kureyon. The swatch I sampled came out at a perfect 15 st per inch. Well -- I didn't realize that Noro is thick-and-thin. So in spots it's actually more like 10 st per inch. Well, better roomy than snug, I guess! 

I'll keep you posted. Starting on a side now. I've made a lot of sweaters, cardigans all, and they really just didn't fit me well. They looked great, but didn't fit well. Here's hoping. 

What's that you say? Time for my eye drops? 
No thanks!

What's that you say? What does it mean, "Dog Bed?" 
Oh, well!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

I Haz a Conundrum

Oh dear.

This pattern...

Calls for reverse stockinette stitch. I started this pattern with my Noro Kureyon...

But because of the striping, I think regular stockinette would be better.

I don't have to make an actual decision till it's all knitted and blocked ... but what do you all think? Would it work as stockinette stitch? 

I don't understand reverse stockinette. Isn't it just garter stitch, only smooshed together? 

What do you all think? Would the jacket work as stockinette? I realize that would make it just a sweater ... but the stripes look so much better in stockinette. 

Leave a comment! 


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Finished Socklets!

Finally finished some little socks I've had on the needles a while!

These are called "Coquette," from Socks 2 at a Time. I knit them one at a time, though. I have made 2aaT socks before, and it was a bit tedious.

I am also working on a simple one-piece shrug:

There's a pattern, but I don't have it linked. It's one of those large squares that you sew arms into. We'll see!

And here is my current conundrum:

I have 1,000 meters of this Noro. I was going to make a pullover, but those of you who are familiar with Noro ... well, it's kind of scratchy, isn't it? I'm currently scouring all of my pattern books and old Vogue Knitting magazines, searching for some sort of wrap to make with it. I thought 1,000 meters was a lot ... but turns out it isn't really.

I leave you with a cute picture of a cute kitty hanging out under the herbs and Black-Eyed Susan vine.

Friday, August 15, 2014


Well, not a real sabbatical ... I just got involved in a big project and everything else went by the wayside!

I have been barely knitting, but I did at least start a second sock:

I just haven't been sitting enough to be knitting!

So what was my big project? Well, right after Tour de Fleece ended, I started feeling the urge to go through my house and de-clutter. REALLY de-clutter, not just put things away. I don't know what triggered this urge, but I am very, very grateful for it! I've made 3 trips to Salvation Army donation locations and put out 5 big bags of trash. I donated almost all of my CD collection, and half of my books (I'm a big fan of libraries, so it's no biggie). I've gone through every closet except one (and that one isn't too bad), and I feel so much better it's unbelievable. You know how clutter gets out of hand? Maybe you have a spare room and you just keep shutting the door so you don't see the mess? That's how I've been for years. I suddenly just couldn't stand it any longer! The clutter was controlling me, and it was winning!

I shredded a mountain of old papers, recycled another mountain, rearranged my living room, and went through my yarn stash. I got rid of silly stuff from college (just 10 years ago, I was a late starter) that I was hanging on to for no reason.

I emptied all the random bags of yarn and fiber, and now I can see how much I have. The stash is down to this:

The bottom is excess yarn or acrylic that will be made into cat mats for the winter. The top (it's a bit messy, I know) is the Tour de Fleece I just finished. I'm just going to make a big messy throw with the TdF yarn, to lay on the couch.

And here's the rest (excuse the odd angle, the bedroom walls are only about 5 feet apart), just the basket and the tall bureau. That's it! I feel so much better now that I have been through the whole house (1,000 sq ft) and I know what is in every drawer, and on every shelf. I even went through 9 photo albums and ruthlessly trashed most of the nonessential photos (random stuff I really didn't treasure--again, no biggie). I was just holding on to things out of habit, not need.

I still have to sort and file important papers for the file drawer and clean out the back porch, but other than that and a couple cupboards, I'm just about done! Next, I go shopping for new living room furniture. I have to get rid of my storage-capable coffee table, because that's just asking for clutter accumulation!

So that's been what has kept me busy since right after TdF ended. It was like a madness that just grabbed me and consumed me, and I am SO happy I did it. I was just feeling so pressured, and couldn't relax at home. I hated going into the "clutter" bedroom for anything. Now it's all tidy and neat! As pleased as I am that I decluttered, I'm irked that I let it get so far out of hand. I must be more vigilant about what I bring into the house, so that this doesn't happen again.

Molly Cat doesn't really care if it's cluttered or not, so long as she has a nice warm lamp to lay under.

I hope to catch up with what you all have been up to -- I've missed the blogs.

I'll leave you with a super-dorky picture of me running.

If I had a super power, it would be dorkiness

Of course, I kept up my exercise during the 'sabbatical.' This is a woman's 5k, for which I managed to set a personal record of 29:03. Right before my 45th birthday. The woman who won? 43 years old, came in at 19 minutes. WOW. 

Thanks for stopping by! I'm going to go right now and visit a bunch of blogs to catch up! 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tour de France Finale

Well, it's almost done, anyway! Just a couple more days.

I have been spinning everything as fluffily as possible, so this is all very plush, squishy yarn. No idea what I'm going to do with it, but I am really happy to have finally spun up all the samples I bought some years back. There are still a few days in the Tour, so I will be spinning up the odds and ends I have laying around.

It's been an odd summer here in the East. It hasn't really even been summer -- more like a warm spring. I love it, I have the windows open as much as I use the AC.

I have to confess something. I am getting afraid of these sunflowers.

How much bigger are they going to get?!

And who is this fella?

Everything else is manageable this year, thanks to the not-so-hot weather.

I didn't know spiders were cannibals ...kinda disturbing.

Gotta keep an eye on the gate. Lord knows the dog won't do it. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tour de France, Week II

The Tour, Week II. This is the total I've spun since the Tour began.

Zucchini shown for scale. 

Spinning at least one bobbin a day, I have worked through all the "crap" fiber, I think, and now I can turn to the nicer lot ... alpaca, camel, merino.  As I've been going through the house during the last week or so, rooting around for cheap yarn with which to make cat mats ... I've found a lot more unspun fiber. I just kept tucking it here and there, thinking I'd remember. Well -- I don't have that great a memory. So until the Tour is over, I'm going to spin a bobbin a day, at least. Today I spun 4 bobbins. I'm really hoping to get through most of my stash by the end of the Tour, and then I'll try to figure out what to do with it all!

I've been knitting very little. I've decided to rework one large WIP into something different, but the spinning has kept me busy so I haven't gotten to it yet. 


We have had a very strange summer on the Eastern Seaboard ... it hasn't reached average summertime temperatures yet. We have a few really hot days, then it rained and the weather went back to cooler-than-normal. It's been great for my electric bill, but my garden is not exploding like it normally would be in mid-July. 

Except the sunflowers. They're going nuts. 

Black-Eyed Susan vine. They don't really look like the traditional Black-Eyed Susans, but they're very pretty. 

Elephant Ears, lost in the Hosta flowers. 

Annabelle Lee, Georgie Girl, and Spot (in front of Georgie) enjoying a cool summer evening! 

Thanks for stopping by!