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Sunday, October 25, 2015

I Fixed a Sock and I Liked it

When I first was learning to knit, I turned to U-Tube for all my tutorial needs. Now, thanks to Pinterest, it's even easier to learn new ways to knit, patch, repair, and darn. I browsed across a sock-darning tutorial for fixing holes that looked much neater than my usual thread-yarn-around-the-hole technique. It takes more time, but not much, and it looks great when finished!

Both socks of this pair had holes in the exact same place, right where Achilles' mother held him to dip him in the water. I suspect that it happened because the socks are, like all my handknit socks, too loose. Friction wore a hole right in the back. Normally I get the holes under the heel or ball.

Following the Pinterest tutorial, by jackie-es.com, I inserted a needle in the row under the hole.

I picked up a stitch on each end as I started each row, and knit or purled it together with the first stitch. That way, I was completely covering the hole. I hope.

As I got closer to the hole, for a couple rows, I picked up a stitch and purled it together with one on the needle to make sure it didn't unravel. This wasn't really in the tutorial, I just like to be extra-double-sure.

Finished up ... picking up a stitch and purling with each one on the needle.

Finished by weaving the live stitches into a sock stitch.

Ta da! Unfixed other sock on right, patched on left. I think it looks awesome. Luckily, I found some leftover yarn.

And even more luckily, which I was scrounging for leftover yarn, I found a WHOLE ENTIRE SKEIN of Jawoll Sock Yarn.

A WHOLE SKEIN that I didn't know I had. So once I fix the other sock, I'm going to settle down with "Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders." I do love those one-skein books.

In other news, Georgie and Patches enjoy a sunny day ...

Georgie haunts me from the top of the stairs...

And Georgie ferociously protects two treats she will never, ever consume. 

What are you all up to? 

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Pretty Kitty wants to know why I am taking pictures of knitting, and not her ...


So I finished the Downy Buffalo Socks from the One Skein Wonders Lace book.

I am not going to block them, because -- as always -- they're already too big, and blocking them would make them fall down around my ankles. SIGH. So frustrating.

I have a perpetual problem with wearing the heels out of my handknit socks. I was browsing through a big knitting book, one of the big heritage-of-knitting type books, and saw something about how women used to reinforce heels, when knitting for the war effort. You take a length of sock yarn on a tapestry needle and thread it in and out of the heel and ball of foot stitches, like so...

I probably should have done it a bit thicker. And I totally reinforced the wrong section for the ball of the foot -- looks like I reinforced the toe area. Oops.

And I have renewed working on the Beekeeper quilt. I love this project so much.

It knits up so quickly, and now that I am better at joining knitted pieces, I don't mind the sewing involved.

We had a week of cold weather, now it's warm again ... too warm to wear my fabulous purple knitted poncho, or the cleverly-named #03 Lace Poncho.

(My left hand looks freakishly huge on the camera. Ugh). 

So that's my update! I'm hoping now that cooler weather is back, people will start blogging again. I've noticed a distinct lack of knitting blogging going on ... has everyone jumped the fence and gone to Pinterest? 

Snuggling on the front porch right before a big thunderstorm rolled through.  

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Just in Time for Autumn!

Finished just in time for cold weather!

My new favorite poncho! Lace Poncho ... 03 Lace Poncho, pattern by Tanis Gray, from an old issue of Vogue Knitting. The yarn in the pattern was discontinued, so I substituted it with an acrylic, James C. Brett Marble Chunky. I purchased the yarn at MLYS, All About Yarn. I used an old skein of something stashed, something without a label, to do the blue edging.

Close up of the leafs.

I also took up an old project, the beekeeper's quilt.

The hexis knit up so quickly!

I hope to see more of all of you knitting now that the weather has cooled off!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Sweltering Summer Knit

Ugh! It's so hot and humid!

Not perfect weather for knitting, but I'm determined to get this fabulous Lace Poncho finished by cool weather. Which here in the Baltimore area, is just a few weeks away! (Cool weather at night, anyway.)

I'm just about halfway done.

I have to say I don't at all like the border pattern. It doesn't match the lace at all. 

The pattern is lovely, though. The yarn is acrylic--I've never blocked acrylic before. 

This is all I'm working on, and it's too hot to sit at the computer. Bye for now! 

Melted Molly says "Buh Bye!" 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Problem with Old Issues of Vogue Knitting

Some years ago, I subscribed to Vogue Knitting. Long enough to receive roughly a dozen magazines. Now I've done the green thing and subscribed to the e-magazine version, and I don't like it a bit. My eyes don't like scrolling through the ipad as rapidly as I do when I'm just browsing patterns, and the font is just too small -- well, let me cease complaining. As much as I try to be green (I'm sitting in a warm 80 degree house right now, and it's August in Baltimore), I'm going to subscribe to paper editions of knitting magazines from now on. There is something so satisfying about sitting down with a stack of magazines full of pretty patterns and leafing through the pages hoping for something to jump out at me.

This is my current love:

I've actually had a crush on this pattern for years. I finally got around to committing to it, and--much like nearly every other pattern I like--the yarn is long discontinued! And that's the problem with old issues of Vogue Knitting. 

My version so far: 

The yarn isn't quite this color, of course. My camera is a good camera, but it has issues with purples. 

I'm not sure this yarn I chose will block to the proper dimensions, but I will check before beginning the back half. 

It's a very simple pattern. I had to place markers because sometimes the first half of the repeat is so similar to the second half, I was getting them mixed up. 

So that is what I am working on in the August heat! 

Well, that and yardwork. For some reason Patches likes to lay on the old grass that I rake into a pile to dry. 

No temperature is apparently too warm for snuggling a pup. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Two Finished Objects

...and one sock.

Finished Object One is the Striped Tunic, from an old Vogue Knitting.

I'm not real sure what happened with the sleeves, why it looks so blocky, but as usual the model for the sweater in the magazine is a stick insect, so of course it drapes beautifully on her. Stupid skinny chick. Anyway, I might try to add a dart or pinch in the waist just a bit and wear it with tights or something. 

Yarn is my new favorite -- Patons Classic Wool Worsted, Cognac Heather. 

Finished Item Two is the Mari Lace Cowl. The pattern is from one of the one-skein books, the lace one, I think. It was an exceptionally simple pattern, but I dithered with it, so it's just now been finished. Yarn is some KnitPicks samples I got a few years ago. 

Helpfully modeled by Pretty Kitty in the back yard. 

And, I finished half of a pair of socks. Downy Buffalo Socks, From the same one-skein book. I've got one done, in Deborah Norville sock yarn, Hibiscus. 

I don't know why it came out so bulky on the bottom. 

These FOs were WIPs for a long time! I just needed a break from knitting for a while. I have some other hibernating projects, and I decided to pick up the Raspberry Dream Shawl, a fairly simple lace shawl I started in October 2013:

Perhaps I will finish it by October this year. Now that I've gotten some more experience with lace knitting, it's not so intimidating. I know enough now to understand, if I get lost, what the stitches are supposed to look like. And if I lose a yarn-over, or have a miscounted row, I can figure out what went wrong. So I'll take another bash at it!

I imagine everyone else is as busy with summer gardening and summer fun as I am, which is why the knitting blogosphere is so quiet! Particularly those of you in Norway and Michigan (and here in Maryland), who don't get a lot of summer every year.

I leave you with this totally gratuitous picture of an adorable dog showing how Puppy Eyes are done.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Back from Hiatus

I'm back!

For a few months, I had no interest at all in knitting. Or spinning. I gave myself some time off, and now I'm feeling an interest in the needles again. I had three WIPs when I left off...

A lovely striped tunic:

Kinda hot for this much wool, which is partly why I set it aside. Also, I didn't put stripes in it. 

It's still hot, but I'm at the sewing-together stage, which means I can spread it over the table and not on my lap. 

And some socks, which aren't in my project page yet.

The latter two are from "Lace One-Skein Wonders." 

I think part of my reluctance to blog is that my laptop is very old and very slow, and I have no intention of purchasing another. I use my ipad for everything, so I might as well use it for pictures too. Just have to get an adaptor thingie. 

I'm off to catch up on all the blogs! I'll leave you with this picture of Patches in the front flower bed. She loves to lay under the flowers and startle me when I reach down to pull weeds.