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Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Sweltering Summer Knit

Ugh! It's so hot and humid!

Not perfect weather for knitting, but I'm determined to get this fabulous Lace Poncho finished by cool weather. Which here in the Baltimore area, is just a few weeks away! (Cool weather at night, anyway.)

I'm just about halfway done.

I have to say I don't at all like the border pattern. It doesn't match the lace at all. 

The pattern is lovely, though. The yarn is acrylic--I've never blocked acrylic before. 

This is all I'm working on, and it's too hot to sit at the computer. Bye for now! 

Melted Molly says "Buh Bye!" 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Problem with Old Issues of Vogue Knitting

Some years ago, I subscribed to Vogue Knitting. Long enough to receive roughly a dozen magazines. Now I've done the green thing and subscribed to the e-magazine version, and I don't like it a bit. My eyes don't like scrolling through the ipad as rapidly as I do when I'm just browsing patterns, and the font is just too small -- well, let me cease complaining. As much as I try to be green (I'm sitting in a warm 80 degree house right now, and it's August in Baltimore), I'm going to subscribe to paper editions of knitting magazines from now on. There is something so satisfying about sitting down with a stack of magazines full of pretty patterns and leafing through the pages hoping for something to jump out at me.

This is my current love:

I've actually had a crush on this pattern for years. I finally got around to committing to it, and--much like nearly every other pattern I like--the yarn is long discontinued! And that's the problem with old issues of Vogue Knitting. 

My version so far: 

The yarn isn't quite this color, of course. My camera is a good camera, but it has issues with purples. 

I'm not sure this yarn I chose will block to the proper dimensions, but I will check before beginning the back half. 

It's a very simple pattern. I had to place markers because sometimes the first half of the repeat is so similar to the second half, I was getting them mixed up. 

So that is what I am working on in the August heat! 

Well, that and yardwork. For some reason Patches likes to lay on the old grass that I rake into a pile to dry. 

No temperature is apparently too warm for snuggling a pup.