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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Micro-Mini Skirt

The Sasha skirt is turning out to be a fun knit. I've just started the pattern on the underskirt. I've got a long ways to go, but it is a faster knit than I thought it would be.

The hardest part was threading the elastic into the enclosure, and then sewing the elastic together. I really hope to have this done by the time the weather gets cold! I'm looking forward to wearing it over snug warm tights in the winter. It'll be a spot of cheerful color in an otherwise gray season. That, or I'll static-cling myself to death.

In other news, I'm not too happy with the progress on the homespun shawl. The pattern is Sari Silk Crescent Shawl, which is gorgeous in the photo ... but not meant for a thick heavy yarn. So I don't know what I'll do with it now.


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Monday, July 22, 2013


I spent the last week in Scotland with two friends ...

Melrose Piper's Competition

Abbotsford, home of Sir Walter Scott



Why is the steering wheel over here...? Is it even possible to shift left-handed?
 Partway up to Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh

Melrose Abbey
Hadrian's Wall

The only knitting I did was at the airport en route and in the plane coming back. I had a great time! We went just to see castles and abbeys and ruins and such, so there were no knitting-related activities, except for this: 

Working mill near Edinburgh Castle
Black thread for .... 
...threading onto the giant wheel. 

I couldn't take a lot of pictures of the mill, because it's a working mill and they don't want the workers distracted. This guy is winding colored threads onto a giant wheel, in preparation for making a tartan. Each tartan is different and has its own pattern; this one has a lot of black in it, so he is threading a lot of black onto the wheel. I wasn't there long enough to see the next color. But I understand the idea is that he'll thread the colors onto the wheel in the order of the weaving. I should have taken more pictures around the mill, I only have these three. 

I had no idea there was such history behind the tartans. There were dozens of gift shops with tartan-patterned purses and such. I bought one wool wrap in a lovely purple plaid ... It's still upstairs and I'm lazy, so I'll show it off next week. 

Back to the knitting! I'm still working on the skirt I have such high hopes for. 

Cheers from the HMS Britannia crew mess!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

With an Eye Towards Autumn

That's the thing about being a fiber artist ... if you want to wear something handmade in autumn, you have to start preparing in early summer, or thereabouts.

I wanted to use my squooshy soft merino that I spun with cotton thread, so I'm making this shawl:

I still haven't found the pattern for this. It was on Ravelry, it was free, and it's very simple --- You double the knit rows from 8 to 16 to 32, etc, then K2 (yo k1) to end, then K2, for the increase rows.

I also really have a crush on this Sasha skirt.

Picture by inatwist from Ravelry

I am going to try to make this, using KnitPicks yarn from a sample pack I bought a few years ago. 

The sample pack is a variety of colors, so there will be a variety of colors in the skirt. I hope it doesn't look too clownish ...

I've done the doubled-over waistband with a hole to thread the elastic through, and then about an inch more from that. 

If this comes out right, I can wear it in the winter over tights, and be super snuggly warm. I suspect I'll have to invest in that anti-static-cling spray, too. 

That's it for me. What's everyone else up to?

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A New Project, and a Mended Doggie

Thanks everyone for the well-wishes. Despite the sad puppy face here, Georgie Girl is just about back to normal health!

This is how I get goodies. And pats on the head. And attention. 

Don't let the well-rehearsed puppy-dog-eyes get to you. I've seen her practicing that look in the mirror. 

I'm happy to report that my doggly is feeling much better. It wouldn't have happened without the good folks at Paradise Animal Hospital, and their patience trying different tactics to get her to eat, and the vet techs' constant attention to her for three days! Georgie Girl had a little crate right there in the middle of their work area in the back, and they fussed over her for three straight days. She absolutely loved the attention. I know it's their job to take care of animals, but they genuinely care about them and they get personally involved. They were just as worried as I was when Georgie didn't seem to be improving on the second day.

It finally came down to having to give her an appetite stimulant, at which point she was willing to eat out of the vet's hand. And then my hand. And I had a day or so to worry that she would never eat out of a dish again, so spoiled was she! But all's well that ends well, as Shakespeare said, and Georgie Girl is a happy little doggy again. Despite the sad face. Seriously, don't fall for it! She is posing for the camera.

On the knitting front, I am on a bit of a break, but determined to do something about this lovely handspun I have laying around. 

Merino, which I spun as singles, and then twisted with matching cotton thread. 

I don't want to name this project yet because I'm not sure I'll stick with it. (Okay, the honest truth is I scavenged Ravelry, found a likely pattern, wrote it down on a piece of paper to follow, then forgot what the pattern was.) I don't think I can pull this back if I change my mind, because I didn't give it a lot of twist so it isn't very sturdy.

This is exactly what I envisioned when I started spinning it; a thick, loosely spun yarn with a lot of fluffy character!  I think it will make a lovely warm wrap for the winter time. Or the summer time in my chilly office. 

Good luck to everyone participating in the Tour de Fleece! 

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