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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Finished Object Halloween Friday!

First, the FO ...

I dunno.

If I wear it unfolded, it's too big. If I fold it, you can't see the pattern. What to do?

Anyway, happy Halloween!

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This is my run costume for the Halloween 5k at work. Not quite accurate, but close enough!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Beautiful Knitted Dress!

That just happens to have been made INSIDE OUT.

Seen at Burlington's, Arrundel Mills, MD. $20.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Frogging Cables is Painful

  Really, really painful.

I got to about row 22 and realized my cables weren't crossing on one side of the hat. I'd been sort of winging it with the instructions, and instead of crossing over one another the cables were forming a sort of  ( ) shape.

You know how hard it is to frog yarnovers? Well, that is nowhere near as difficult as frogging something that has cable crossovers on nearly every stitch! I was far too impatient to tink, so I took the needles out and just pulled back what I thought was four rows. Then I strung the stitches onto yarn with a plastic needle because the crossed-over stitches were too tiny to put back on the needles. Then I picked them up with a much smaller needle, and finally transferred it to the needles I'd been using. Then I had to put the knits and purls in proper order, before I could resume the pattern.

All because I was too lazy to tink!

Anyway, I think it's on track now. It should be finished within a week. I think my next project will be using up my leftover Cascade to make a colorful hat, like on Babajeza's latest post. It looks like a really great way to use up the last of my Cascade, but I don't really need many hats so I might give one of them away. I have a big head, and this knotty one might not fit me well. I'll have to think who might actually wear it, not just admire it and put it up in a closet!

Define "puppy dog eyes?"
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Finished Objet d'Art Friday

The Hot Gams Legwarmers are done. Now all I need is a frosty cold morning, a skirt, and a pair of tights!

Oh, and remember how I said I didn't think I had enough yarn but I couldn't find any more in the store so I ordered another skein online? You see that little curlicue of yarn at the top of the photo? That's how much I had left. So I didn't need another skein. So much for destashing.

Edgar Allen Poe showing his lurve for the knitwear.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cable Madness

Well, you can't see them in this photo, but this Knotty but Nice hat will be filled with cables when it is finished! I just finished cabled legwarmers, and enjoyed them so much I thought I'd continue the cabling with a hat. I love cables. So tedious, so easy to mess up ... so hard to fix without tinking. Just love them.

I've just started the cable round. This is my only WIP at the moment. I've been very good at doing just one thing at a time, though I am starting to think about a few other things. Really long socks ... another pair of legwarmers ... But so far my determination to destash is still stronger than my desire to acquire new yarn.

Tell me in the comments what you all are working on! Is it cold where you live? Do you knit for warmth or for fun, this time of year?

I leave you with my favorite picture of perpetually disgruntled Fat Petunia:

I'm not fat, I'm big-boned!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Finally Fall!

It's finally Fall here in Baltimore! You know what that means ...

Almost time to bring out the winter socks! And shawls and sweaters and scarves ... I love this time of year.

On this topic--do any of you sock-makers have a trick for keeping the bottom of the heel from wearing out? I don't refer to the back of the heel, but underneath, on the trodding-upon part. I have a big problem with my socks wearing out on the bottom of the heel, and it's very frustrating.

Anyway, on to the WIPs!

The Hot Gams leg warmers ... one done, another partly done, and I don't think I have enough yarn AND I can't find this color anymore! I've only checked three stores, but it appears that Paton's Classic Wool is now Wool Worsted and no longer available in Chestnut. I'll have to look online, I reckon, but I'm hoping I'll have enough.

I was browsing blogs last week and found someone who'd just knit this Knotty but Nice hat. I really liked it, and happened to have an entire skein of Cascade on hand, so I started one. Two cabled projects underway!

The pattern for the hat was quite complicated. I was going to print it out, but my printer is only printing light yellow right now. So I copied it onto graph paper. VERY tedious, and Molly Cat sitting on the mouse did not help. Despite her clearly thinking she was doing me a favor.

 Happy Autumn, all!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Finished Object!

Wow, I haven't done a FO Friday in ages!

Baby stuff for a co-worker's baby. I don't know his wife, but it's their third child and I like to knit baby stuff. The baby is due ... well, I don't really know. July was five months pregnant, so four months plus July....anyone? Anyway, the hat is alpaca and the socks are a blend of superwash Cascade and maybe acrylic (the multi-colored part). The socks can be worn over shoes now, and then as socks later. It's easier to do it that way, than to try to figure out how small a newborn's feet are ...

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cold Legs? Leg Warmers!

Well, it was chilly Autumn for a few days ... now it's warm again.

I decided to revisit the 80s, and make myself a pair of legwarmers with some stash yarn. Not the kind you wear with leotards in a fitness video, but a thick pair from heavy (4) wool to keep my legs warm when I'm wearing a skirt and walking the half mile from my car to office in November.  

This pattern is Hot Gams Legwarmers. They have a six-stitch cable, and I've just done the first one at the top. Unfortunately, I can't really count this as a destash ... I think I'm going to have to buy one more skein of yarn. But I will have destashed three skeins, so that counts.

The crease about 2 inches up is where I made eyelets. The top is supposed to be folded down and tied with an I-cord just under the knee. It's a fast knit -- K2P2 ribbing, then K2P2K6/C6P2. I love it when I can memorized a pattern before the end of the first repeat.

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