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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cold Legs? Leg Warmers!

Well, it was chilly Autumn for a few days ... now it's warm again.

I decided to revisit the 80s, and make myself a pair of legwarmers with some stash yarn. Not the kind you wear with leotards in a fitness video, but a thick pair from heavy (4) wool to keep my legs warm when I'm wearing a skirt and walking the half mile from my car to office in November.  

This pattern is Hot Gams Legwarmers. They have a six-stitch cable, and I've just done the first one at the top. Unfortunately, I can't really count this as a destash ... I think I'm going to have to buy one more skein of yarn. But I will have destashed three skeins, so that counts.

The crease about 2 inches up is where I made eyelets. The top is supposed to be folded down and tied with an I-cord just under the knee. It's a fast knit -- K2P2 ribbing, then K2P2K6/C6P2. I love it when I can memorized a pattern before the end of the first repeat.

Molly Cat reminds you to visit Tamis Amis for Work-in-Progress Wednesday!


  1. 3 skeins out of stash is still a destash imo :) Better than 3 skeins in lol

  2. I really like the yarn You are using, it look warm and cozy.
    Lovely wip!!

  3. I just don't wear skirts. lol. ;-)


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