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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Finally Fall!

It's finally Fall here in Baltimore! You know what that means ...

Almost time to bring out the winter socks! And shawls and sweaters and scarves ... I love this time of year.

On this topic--do any of you sock-makers have a trick for keeping the bottom of the heel from wearing out? I don't refer to the back of the heel, but underneath, on the trodding-upon part. I have a big problem with my socks wearing out on the bottom of the heel, and it's very frustrating.

Anyway, on to the WIPs!

The Hot Gams leg warmers ... one done, another partly done, and I don't think I have enough yarn AND I can't find this color anymore! I've only checked three stores, but it appears that Paton's Classic Wool is now Wool Worsted and no longer available in Chestnut. I'll have to look online, I reckon, but I'm hoping I'll have enough.

I was browsing blogs last week and found someone who'd just knit this Knotty but Nice hat. I really liked it, and happened to have an entire skein of Cascade on hand, so I started one. Two cabled projects underway!

The pattern for the hat was quite complicated. I was going to print it out, but my printer is only printing light yellow right now. So I copied it onto graph paper. VERY tedious, and Molly Cat sitting on the mouse did not help. Despite her clearly thinking she was doing me a favor.

 Happy Autumn, all!


  1. Try weaving in an extra layer of sock yarn onto the inside of where the wear usually occurs. Paula of Knitter's Pipeline swears by this method.

    1. Thanks! I will try that with an existing pair.

  2. I'm eager to pull my socks out and enter them into the regular rotation! It's not nearly cold enough in Chicago to wear them yet, but I"m hopeful that we'll get a frost soon, and temperatures will drop.

  3. I hope you find your yarn! I hate hate hate when that happens. I recently has someone reach out to me on Ravelry because they saw a project I had knit in the yarn they needed, and asked if I had any left over. I did--around 100gms, which was more than enough for her. So I popped it in the mail and she was ever so happy. Just a suggestion, it might work for you :) Love the cables.

  4. My socks tend to wear out on the bottom of the heels and the balls of my feet, and usually when those parts are worn the rest of the socks are wearing thin too, so I just toss them. I imagine everyone's feet wear out socks quite differently. Maybe it's a natural way to prompt us to make new socks?


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