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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cable Madness

Well, you can't see them in this photo, but this Knotty but Nice hat will be filled with cables when it is finished! I just finished cabled legwarmers, and enjoyed them so much I thought I'd continue the cabling with a hat. I love cables. So tedious, so easy to mess up ... so hard to fix without tinking. Just love them.

I've just started the cable round. This is my only WIP at the moment. I've been very good at doing just one thing at a time, though I am starting to think about a few other things. Really long socks ... another pair of legwarmers ... But so far my determination to destash is still stronger than my desire to acquire new yarn.

Tell me in the comments what you all are working on! Is it cold where you live? Do you knit for warmth or for fun, this time of year?

I leave you with my favorite picture of perpetually disgruntled Fat Petunia:

I'm not fat, I'm big-boned!


  1. I'm in Maryland just like you and the weather has just started to give hints of winter. I'm currently testing a crochet pattern for one of the associates at the shop and designing my first crochet pattern. As for knitting I just finished a sweater for DH and am working on "That Nice Stitch" cowl using my handspun.

  2. Poor baby! If you think she is fat you should see mine, he's a monster by comparison. He is a big cat though. Not as big around as the dog but longer than the dog. In the cats I've had he tends towards the biggest.

    Now, it is not cold where I am but it is cooling down. I am enjoying the cooler weather quite a bit as I hate hot weather! I knit for fun. I have a sweater, a tank, a remote holder on the needles and I just started a shawl today. I have pictures of my yarns and the patterns I am using posted on my blog and on my ravelry page.

  3. Petunia is a cutie! I feel the same way about cables. Love them when they behave, but dread the mistake fixing. Right now, I am working on several sweaters in order to prepare for all the snow we will be getting here in Maryland...any day now...

  4. The yarn for the hat is beautiful. I think I actually made Knotty but Nice. I will have to check my Ravelry page. Now I won't call Your cat fat but I will say that she is definitely healthy... lol


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