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Sunday, October 11, 2015


Pretty Kitty wants to know why I am taking pictures of knitting, and not her ...


So I finished the Downy Buffalo Socks from the One Skein Wonders Lace book.

I am not going to block them, because -- as always -- they're already too big, and blocking them would make them fall down around my ankles. SIGH. So frustrating.

I have a perpetual problem with wearing the heels out of my handknit socks. I was browsing through a big knitting book, one of the big heritage-of-knitting type books, and saw something about how women used to reinforce heels, when knitting for the war effort. You take a length of sock yarn on a tapestry needle and thread it in and out of the heel and ball of foot stitches, like so...

I probably should have done it a bit thicker. And I totally reinforced the wrong section for the ball of the foot -- looks like I reinforced the toe area. Oops.

And I have renewed working on the Beekeeper quilt. I love this project so much.

It knits up so quickly, and now that I am better at joining knitted pieces, I don't mind the sewing involved.

We had a week of cold weather, now it's warm again ... too warm to wear my fabulous purple knitted poncho, or the cleverly-named #03 Lace Poncho.

(My left hand looks freakishly huge on the camera. Ugh). 

So that's my update! I'm hoping now that cooler weather is back, people will start blogging again. I've noticed a distinct lack of knitting blogging going on ... has everyone jumped the fence and gone to Pinterest? 

Snuggling on the front porch right before a big thunderstorm rolled through.  


  1. Pretty kitty is pretty indeed, what a lovely nose!
    Beautiful projects too, love those socks (mmm red!).

  2. I'm here.... was definitely on hiatus, then had some trouble commenting last week. But I think my groove is coming back. I've been knitting a little... cooler weather definitely helps with that. ;-)

    I'm looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. It seems like everyone was working on the bee keeper a while back, but I don't think I've seen a finished one yet. ;-)


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