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Sunday, October 25, 2015

I Fixed a Sock and I Liked it

When I first was learning to knit, I turned to U-Tube for all my tutorial needs. Now, thanks to Pinterest, it's even easier to learn new ways to knit, patch, repair, and darn. I browsed across a sock-darning tutorial for fixing holes that looked much neater than my usual thread-yarn-around-the-hole technique. It takes more time, but not much, and it looks great when finished!

Both socks of this pair had holes in the exact same place, right where Achilles' mother held him to dip him in the water. I suspect that it happened because the socks are, like all my handknit socks, too loose. Friction wore a hole right in the back. Normally I get the holes under the heel or ball.

Following the Pinterest tutorial, by jackie-es.com, I inserted a needle in the row under the hole.

I picked up a stitch on each end as I started each row, and knit or purled it together with the first stitch. That way, I was completely covering the hole. I hope.

As I got closer to the hole, for a couple rows, I picked up a stitch and purled it together with one on the needle to make sure it didn't unravel. This wasn't really in the tutorial, I just like to be extra-double-sure.

Finished up ... picking up a stitch and purling with each one on the needle.

Finished by weaving the live stitches into a sock stitch.

Ta da! Unfixed other sock on right, patched on left. I think it looks awesome. Luckily, I found some leftover yarn.

And even more luckily, which I was scrounging for leftover yarn, I found a WHOLE ENTIRE SKEIN of Jawoll Sock Yarn.

A WHOLE SKEIN that I didn't know I had. So once I fix the other sock, I'm going to settle down with "Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders." I do love those one-skein books.

In other news, Georgie and Patches enjoy a sunny day ...

Georgie haunts me from the top of the stairs...

And Georgie ferociously protects two treats she will never, ever consume. 

What are you all up to? 

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