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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Froggin' I Will Go...

It's always so painful to frog a project! But this ...

Diamond Vest from Paton's website...

Had to go. I cast it on back in January, when I weighed 15 lbs more than I do now. I've dropped 2 sizes since then, so it wouldn't fit now.

It has become ...

This! Paton's cardigan with cabled yoke.

(This part is the yoke)

Free pattern from the Paton's website.

It is buttoned at the top and should fit even if I lose a lot more weight, which I don't think I will. I might get one size lower, but I don't think I'll go further than that, so it should be safe to start knitting for myself again.

And the Crest of the Wave scarf continues ... when it's done, I will block it together with the Angry Eye scarf, and be done with both at once. It's so hot! I can't bear to knit much in this heat. 

Other news: I completed my 3rd 5k this year (since 29 April, actually). The 22nd Annual Spirit of Gettysburg 5k, which took place this past Saturday.

Here I am, in the pink tank and gray skort.

(Aside: I *love* exercise skorts. I feel so girlie in them! Especially with a fancy fingernail paint-job!)

My actual chip time was 39:40. I started out pretty far back from the start line.

That's all from here! Don't forget to stop by Andrea's for Fiber Arts Friday!


  1. Congratulations on the weight loss!!! I have a vest I started a while back that I have to rip out because of the same problem. It's it an awesome problem to have!

  2. Congratulations on your dedication to running...awesome...and you look great, even at the finish line! XXO-

  3. Congrats on the finish line shot - 5K in under 40 minutes is quite fine.

    And I do love that new Patons pattern you've decided to make with the frogged yarn. Will look forward to seeing it completed.

  4. Beautiful knitting, you are such an inspiration to me in the knitting world and in the world of good health too!

  5. Congratulations on the weight loss! yes, that's a good reason to frog a project and start fresh. The new pattern is very nice (well, it has cables!) :-)

  6. Hooray for the weight loss and the 5Ks.
    As much as frogging is awful, isn't it great because of the weight loss.
    Happy dance for you!

  7. Congrats on your weight loss....what an awesome reason to frog a project!


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