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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Come into My Garden!

There are now only 40 hours remaining until Maryland Sheep and Wool! The weather is supposed to be 70 degrees F and partly cloudy--perfect, to my way of thinking! I can wear one of my shawls. Last year it was pretty warm for wool.

I have been knitting and spinning a little, but mostly I have been focused on my garden, which is very nearly done. I didn't want to clutter my Fiber Arts Friday post with too many gardening photos, so I thought I'd add a post about the garden now, just to get it out of the way!

The new fence was up this past Friday, and I spent a few days getting everything in order before taking photos.

Before ...


The neighbor's half-demolished shed is still there, but this fence is higher so I don't see it as well. The fence is made from red cedar, so it smells nice, and it is all sorts of different yellows and reds. And, now I have a real gate with a real latch. I love it! I'm going to find a small lean-to kit to hide the garbage can and wheelbarrow.

Vegetables on the left, herbs on the right, cat enjoying some 'nip in the middle.

I planned to put brackets on the posts to hang plants from, but now I don't want to drill holes in my new fence.

I like it all so much, I might even take my spinning wheel out on calm days, and spin outside. I have a giant umbrella for the table, because the backyard is sunny about 10 hours a day. I need to get some wind chimes to help dampen the noise from the alley and other, louder neighbors. Other than that and a few more plants to put in the ground, it's about done!

Now, I'll have a lovely place to take pictures of my WIPs and spinning projects.

Remember Petunia? She was fixed a few months ago, and has gotten downright fat. I tried to measure her ... it took a few tries.

She appears to be giving me the Cat Stink Eye.

I am going to post my WIPs on Friday, then it's going to be all about the festival ... I'm going to stock up on sock yarn and silly, bling-y stitch markers, stitch holders .... oh, and I need a good set of sock blockers, and some shawl pins ... I'm getting giddy just thinking about it!


  1. Sounds like fun!!! Kitty is adorable!!!!

  2. Garden looks lovely. Your cat is beautiful, but I have to say I can see her point- if someone took pictures of me with a ruler on my belly and put them up for the world to see there would be more than just kitty stink eye! :D

  3. Looking forward to the festival photos and stories. Your garden is looking great! Wanna come play with my weeds?

  4. Yay!!

    I'm planting my garden this weekend. Can't hardly wait!!

  5. Your garden looks great! I am just doing a blog on my garden,when we brought it, it was all wooden land, and we had to sadly cut down about 50 trees.
    Look forward to seeing your garden mature! :)

  6. I just found your blog and wanted to comment on your garden, which looks great! You can get hanging hangers to put over the top of yur fence to hang pots from - my mother uses them because the fence at the back of her yard belongs to the neighbor. She loves them.

    I was at MDSW on sunday only - had a great day, came home with fiber, a spindle and a fleece! plus the Fleece and Fiber source book, autographed.


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