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Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Finished Object Friday in Socktober!

Blue socks are done ...

I disremember what yarn this is. Some common sock yarn from Joann's, probably.

I really enjoyed reading the comments some of you left in my last post, about memories of your mothers' knitting habits. I don't have children to knit for so I occasionally knit for the children of friends, but I find that they outgrow stuff so fast!

To answer some of the comments from last week:

Autumngeisha: My mother used long metal needles too, hollow ones, about 14" long. I have them, but don't use them ... I really don't like knitting with metal unless it's 3mm or less!

Babajeza:  Knitting really thick socks is surprisingly easy. I made a pair for a friend with Lion Brand Jiffy Thick-n-Quick, and they were finished in no time! My friend loves them, and won't let anyone else in her family wear them.

Minding My Own Stitches: My mom made mittens a few times, but I think I lost them pretty often, so she stopped!

In this vein, I have something that was my mother's that absolutely puzzles me. My dad sent it to me in a box of her knitting stuff a few years after she died. Here it is:

It's about the size of a lap rug, and made from acrylic (probably Red Heart, acrylic was all she used). I am absolutely baffled what pattern this is!


Clearly there are knit stitches and purls. But is it woven? Did she carry the white yarn over the red? It's very intricate! It was unfinished, so I bound it off and I hung it on the wall behind my bed, like a tapestry. I have two huge pattern books of knitting and crochet patterns, but I've never seen anything like this. 

So, everyone have a great Socktober weekend! 

Sigh .... they grow so fast, don't they?

Don't forget to stop by TamisAmis on Friday, for FO Friday!


  1. It looks like a mosaic pattern. The white stitches were slipped and where the deep V's are and then the red were slipped on the opposing rows. How neat to have a memory of her.

  2. Socktober is a lovely word. I must think of it next year and try to knit as many socks as possible. There will be more if I use really bulky yarn. ;-) I'm knitting a sweater at the moment and want to finish it before starting something new.

  3. Happy Socktober! I just love seeing socks!

    As for your Mom's pattern, it looks to me like the white knit stitches are slipped on the red rows and the red knit stitches are slipped on the white rows. That's why those stitches look elongated.

  4. Great socks!
    I'm almost done with my 2nd pair, hoping to get a 3rd one too off the needles this month ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  5. It looks like slip stitch to me, the white is slipped when you purl rows for red. I'd play with different combinations, or look up some slip stitch patterns.

    My mom never knitted socks for us in our growing up days, something about small needles that she dislikes. Now she knits some socks for charity, but still prefers sweaters and vests. She knits with long metal straight needles that she has been using all her life, and distrusts all circulars.

    I'm a die-hard Clover needle user too. I accumulated a big stash of them when I worked for a yarn shop years ago, and that's all I use.

  6. I like that fabric your mom made... I think it's great to have it as a wall-hanging.

    BTW, I have been enjoying my Spinster Beth Slipper Socks over the last several days. My toes have been toasty. :-)

    Happy Socktober!


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