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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Where is the Finish Line?

I had hoped to get this Sasha Skirt finished by autumn ... now I'm not so sure!

I'm just so caught up in other things right now, I knit maybe one row a day. I have about 13 rows left on this part of the skirt, then I will dunk it in some Jacquard Acid to make it all one color. Blue or purple, or both together, since I don't have a lot of either color. Then I'll start the next layer, which will be a forest green.  The next layer is picked up from the purl row under the waistband.

 The detail is pretty, but it will be a bit revealing. I'll have to wear a dark slip underneath.

Petunia REALLY wanted to be in the picture.

That's it for this week ... what are you all up to? Visit Tamis Amis for Work-in-Progress Wednesday! 


  1. wow that is a pretty skirt, I love the colours and all the detailing. Have a knitty Wednesday xx

  2. Its going to be really pretty when its finished!

  3. I really like the colours!
    Looking forward to see it finished.

  4. Say HI to Petunia for me. Where IS the finish line?

  5. I'm sure you will get it done!


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