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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Levels of Misunderstandery

Remember this? The skirt that I can't seem to get right?

Well, guess how I messed up *this* time?

Do you notice that the green part of the skirt seems a little ... snug?

Well ... that's because I seemed to think a size 4US knitting needle was the same thing as a 4mm knitting needle.

Yeah. Really. 7 years of knitting, and I still mess that one up. I knit 28 rows with a 3.5mm needle because I just glanced at the directions, saw a "4," and assumed it meant size 4US. A size 4US needle made for an overskirt that was juuuuuust a tad too tight.

I sighed, considered my options, pulled it all back, and started over with a 4mm needle. Which, in my knitting collection, means 4.25mm, because apparently a size 6US is both 4mm and 4.25mm. And I only had one 4mm, so I had to go with the pair of 4.25mm. I can't wait to see how this turns out. 

Here it is with the correct size 6US/4.25mm needle. I tell you, I have messed this skirt up so much, I'm no longer going to link it to the pattern -- I think the designer would want it that way.

To prove to myself that I still know how to knit, I made a Baby Leaves Baby Hat.

I should have folded the brim up, but didn't think of it.

I haven't been knitting a whole lot lately. Summer is passing from eastern Maryland, and the cooler weather has meant I've been able to get some long-neglected work done around the house (painting, clearing out, etc) and I've been running a lot more in preparation for my half of a 16-mile two-partner relay this Saturday.

So ... don't forget to stop by Tamis Amis for Work-in-Progress Wednesday!

Even Momma Girl is ashamed of my skirt project.


  1. Some projects are just that way... I'm using some US6's on a new project.... now I have to go make sure that all of them are the same size. :-/

    Hurrah for cooler weather!

  2. I really hope you will get things right with this skirt, because I'm sure it will be so pretty when it's done :)

  3. Well, darn. Now you will just knit a little bit more for the fun of it.

  4. You know what it is? You are just too busy, just like me. I hope it gets all worked out for you. You will have to model for a picture when you get it finished!


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