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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Knot Knitting Much!

Hi! Thanks for stopping by after my long silence!

I've been quiet on the blog lately, and haven't been knitting too much. Spring has finally sprung in the Mid-Atlantic, and I've been busy getting the yard in shape, and also getting myself ready for the Iron Girl Half Marathon I'll be running early Sunday morning! Think of me between 7 - 10 AM EST! Here is my blog post on that.

I did get one Be Mine sock finished....

Sorry, the picture doesn't show the pattern. I'll do better next time.

Here's the garden-to-be:

I scraped the top layer of the garden patch off with a shovel, and very carefully laid the sod out under the tree in the back left. There was just bare dirt and weeds back there; nothing much grows under the tree, as it's damp. Grass won't grow there, but wild strawberry and clover might be tough enough. I'm looking forward to getting my garden in!

And in some sad news ... my sweet Edgar Allen Poe cat died last week.

He was such a mellow, sweet cat. He never got angry. He used to run around the house yowling at 4 in the morning, I never could figure out why. Every time I sat on the sofa, he was right there half on my lap, and when I went to bed, he would lay right up against my legs. He was the only really friendly cat I have, the other two could kind of take or leave me, I think. But Edgar was always right where I was, no matter what I was doing. I often tripped over him. It's so strange to not have him around. He loved to be a part of everything.

Bye-Bye, sweet guy :-(


  1. So sorry for your loss. They become a part of our lives, especially when they are cuddle bugs.

  2. Your socks are lovely. I am so sorry for your loss. I would be lost without my Winston and Samson.

  3. I'm so sorry. We lost our 19 year old kitty last Monday. It does feel odd not to see her in her usual spot. Lovely socks, thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh man, I am so sorry - only one of my 3 is affectionate, I will totally miss her when she goes. BIG HUGS xx

  5. Sorry to hear about Mr. Kitty... maybe one of the others will start to take up some of the cuddly spots.

    Happy Gardening.

  6. So sorry for your loss! A good cuddly cat is hard to find.


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