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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spinster Gardens

First, the knitting!

While I was at the Sheep and Wool festival earlier this month, I bought some 50/50 wool-silk from Kiparoo Farms. It came with this pattern:

I thought this would be the perfect over-blouse to wear to work, over a sleeveless shirt.

It's just straight stockinette stitch with a few dropped stitches. I dislike knitting on big needles, though.

Also, the Slowest Socks in the World trudge on. Perhaps they'll be finished by next winter!

The colors are super-saturated ... there's a big storm coming, and it's overcast and the atmosphere is kind of heavy. All the colors are really standing out!

I decided to do a garden this year. It's not that it's a tough decision, it's just that the last two years the weather was terrible for gardening. It got super-super hot, or it rained for days. Everything was stunted. I feel that the fact that my seedlings didn't sprout this year (I had to buy plants) was a bad omen; we'll see.

Here are the vegetables and herbs:

Not to much to see! Two basils, chives, parsley, lemon balm (I love this herb so much!), the usual stuff. The oregano and thyme came back from last year, along with the eucalyptus.

The vegetables are in the middle bed. Two tomatoes, five squash (don't judge me), and a delicious eggplant. I still need a cuke.

The front is where all the pretty is:

The front wall, with it's itty-bitty scrunched up space, just perfect for ... well, not much. Usually I put allysum here, and it flings itself over the wall in protest of the small space. Now it's phlox and two other plants I forget the names of.

The bleeding heart gets bigger every year!

Note the gray and white kitty.

Clematis in the middle. Another yearly return visitor.

There's also three hostas and several house plants behind the clematis and bleeding heart.

The front porch. I do the baskets myself--I think it's a smidge cheaper than buying them already done, but not by much.

Note the phenomenally lazy fluffy white cat asleep on my chair.

Silly Annabelle.

Silly Pretty Kitty, investigating the knitting. 

And a nervous Georgie Girl, letting me know she knows there's a storm coming and we should take shelter. Preferably on my bed, under the covers and pillows just to be safe. 

Thanks for stopping by! If you're interested in reading about my first half marathon adventure, follow the "half marathon" link to my other blog. I had a great time! Well worth it. Plus, I slept like a rock at night for about two weeks after the run. A big plus for me. 


  1. Great knitting projects! I like the garden picks, I can't wait to play in the garden this weekend, I hope it stops raining!

  2. You have been one busy lady.

    Poor Georgie Girl...hope she had a good nap on your pillow.

    Nice garden starts.

  3. Laughing at the "slowest socks in the world." lol

    I love your garden!

  4. Ha! I love the slowest socks! I always seem to have a pair of those too. Your garden and flower area look great. My bleeding hearts have had a big bloom too. I do love that plant.


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