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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

They're Quite Scholarly, Actually ...


Petunia likes Scrabble ...  and studying the comparison of feminism in the US vs. the Middle East...

And Edgar Allen Poe cat likes Middle Eastern novels...

Here, he helps hold down my notes. Helpful, isn't he?


Molly, however, prefers English Literature from Beowulf to the 1800s. Like Edgar, she seems to feel the notes will fly away if left unweighted. 

She particularly likes this book of essays arguing over the validity of Thomas More's "Utopia." She preferred CS Lewis' interpretation, which was that More meant for "Utopia" to be a silly fable, nothing more. I have to agree.

Like most budding writers, Molly does have a drinking problem.

Okay, enough fooling around. I have been rather immersed in schoolwork for the last few days, and I needed a fun break. I'm about to get back to work (research paper), but before I do, here is some actual knitting!

The "Bountiful Bohus" from "More Big Girl Knits." Lucky me, the yarn in the pattern is Cascade 220, which I A) like a lot, B) can readily find, and C) don't mind paying $6.60 a skein for.

This one will require steeking. I may need someone to hold my hand through it ... I've never cut up a sweater before!

Also, trying to finish up the go-to-meeting socks:

Just haven't had enough meetings, lately. The socks are languishing.

Despite the fact I have about 6 WIPs on the needles now, this is all I have to show this week! Ack!


  1. Funny cats :)
    The Bountiful Bohus jacket will be great looking forward to see it done.

    And it's funny how so little snow actually can make a town stop! Hubby's daughter - who is tired of school said "Oh I wish the school would close here as it does in the US" when we got the snow ;) It's almost melted away now, just a little warning about all the snow which are coming...

  2. You are the perfect cat lady. I am also looking forward to the bohus jacket - it looks lovely in the picture and having received one of your sweaters, I have every confidence in your knitting prowess :D


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