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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The "Work in Progress" (WIP) part is actually the cat ... teaching her to mind when I tell her to get off the bed.

One of the bloggers I follow does a Work-in-Progress Wednesday, and I totally swiped her idea. I didn't want to outright plagiarize her, so I am calling it Wipnesday. I've been plagiarized before, in college, and it is a sucky feeling. You can find her here ... she makes much faster progress on her WIPs than I do!

Above is the half-finished Bountiful Bohus sweater from More Big Girl Knits. I have just started the first sleeve. It's to be steeked ... I am terribly nervous about that! I'd appreciate any tips/advice. Like, "Never cut a steek while drunk!" That sort of thing. I'm going to make it with full sleeves rather than 3/4, I think. I've been making great progress on it -- I started it 10 days ago. Of course, I haven't been getting much else done, and I really need to be working on my classwork and maybe clean the house up a bit, but I just have this irresistible compulsion to work on the Bohus.

Here's a big mistake. How could something so pretty be a mistake? Well, I'll tell you. Because the maroony shade is hand-wash-lay-flat-to-dry Patons wool, and the green is Vanna's Choice acrylic! ARGH! I'm not sure if it's even worth finishing the pair (the other is half done too). What will happen when the mother of the child I was going to give it to throws it in the dryer? Tragic! The maroon will felt and shrink, pulling the green into the abyss. Perhaps I should just start over. And pay better attention when groping for yarn in a dark drawer in a dark room.

And, the eternal go-to-meeting socks. We haven't had that many meetings at work lately, so progress is slow. Plus, I've just been promoted into a position with more responsibility and authority, and it might reflect poorly on me if I sit in meetings and knit.

These are socks my mother made for me probably 15 years ago. Mom always made socks for us, big fluffy comfortable warm socks that lasted forever. I remember sliding around on hardwood floors in mom-made socks when I was not even double-digits old. Her socks lasted so long. My socks barely last two winters, then they're holey and done for. I wonder what the difference is? I refuse to knit with anything other than Clover bamboo needles or Addi Turbos, and mother had a pair of inexpensive plastic dpns ... most of which had the tips broken off. She knit I don't know how many pairs of socks with those broken needles. I don't know how she did it! She used Red Heart yarn. I use Vanna's Choice for kids, and wool for grown-up socks, and I've used Red Heart, and they all just get holey. What's the deal?!

Gratuitous cute animal shots. Poor Georgie Girl can't find a place to herself anymore. Everywhere she goes, even outside, adoring kitties mob her. I like her expression in the last photo.


  1. The picture of the go-to-meeting socks looks like the Ab-Fab sweater, "What *is* this anyway??"

    Love the stuff you make though. My one little crocheted hat is just big enough to cover the top 2 inches of head... :( I go so slowwwww...

  2. I love the wool socks you made me...they are perfect for walking across cold tile floors.

  3. Hey?? what happened to THIS week's wipnesday? I also LOVE the toasty warm socks you gave me - knee socks... ahhhhh


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