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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Isn't That Just Ducky!


It's almost winter here in Baltimore. Georgie Girl has to wear her sweater during the day now, not just in the morning when it's colder. We're actually quite fond of cold weather, because we can go on long long walks without having to find shade to rest in. Georgie Girl is a short-nosed dog with a black coat and a heart murmur, so she overheats pretty fast in warm weather. But in the cold weather, she is at the end of her 16-ft leash and wants to run! If I stop, sometimes she whimpers for me to hurry up. We love to come to the duck pond by the high school. Yesterday, I brought some bread for the duckies: 

Before I got the bread bag out....

And after I got the bread bag out.

I'm not a duckologist, but I think there are two or three different types of ducks and a few different flavors of geese out here.

This big fella is pretty aggressive. If you walk past him and you don't have a bit of bread for him, you might want to pick up the pace.

Here are a few more shots of the duck pond.

A tree that might not make it through the winter, judging by the roots.

The last of the pretty foilage.

Yikes, I gotta go ... those ducks are coming at me like torpedoes, and I'm out of bread.

So, here's some knitting. I decided last week's wrist warmers were lonely, so I made them some mittens. I use a generic mitten-generator pattern from a tutorial in Knit-n-Style's 2008 Jan and Feb issues. You just start at the top with about 8 stitches and increase to desired width, knit to thumb, do some funny stuff to make a thumb gusset, then finish with a cuff. These will be finished tonight and worn to work tomorrow. Made from Berroco Sox sock yarn in a nameless color ... just a number. Why do they do that? Half the fun in selecting yarn is the funny colorway names! This should be Purple Nurple or something like that.

Here is half a pair of socks for my friend Jeff, for his Christmas gift. I won't worry about him seeing this, because he NEVER READS MY BLOG. Edgar Allen Poe Cat is included for interest, because there is little interesting about a half finished sock (My own improvised pattern, which I call "Boring Sock Pattern," yarn by Vanna. Vanna's Choice? I think that's what it's called).  Color is a little darker than shown. On a side note, I'll have to get a bigger lens to take a picture of them when they're done. Jeff has enormous feet. Like a clown. He has no need for skis, with feet that big. Good thing he never reads my blog!

And a hat for me. I spun the yarn earlier this year, but I'm too lazy to search out what exactly it was. I know I bought it at Sheep and Wool and really loved spinning it up.

The love affair between Georgie Girl and Petunia continues, though I suspect for Georgie, the bloom is off the rose. I think she'd just like to sleep alone again.

I was listening to "Dirty Jobs" while I write this, and I just heard Mike Rowe say "Wherever there's hot oil, there's a dirty job to do." Really got my interest, until I realized he was talking about making potato chips.


  1. I'm convinced they use numbers instead of colors due to a lack of imagination and not wanting to put in the effort themselves. More's the pity for us!

  2. Like the color of the hat, very Fallish.

    Is Georgie Girl a Shih Tzu or Lsapo mix?

  3. I got Georgie Girl from the Animal Welfare Society in Columbia. Best guess is part Shih Tzu, part Cocker Spaniel.


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