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Monday, January 17, 2011

And Me Without Any Mittens On My Needles!

Oh noes! It's NaKniMitMo, and I didn't know it! NaKniMitMo stands for "National Knitting Mitten Month." Apparently, it is mandatory for all knitters to knit mittens for NaKniMitMo!

Okay, I made that last part up. And since I got the information about NaKniMitMo from a Norwegian blog, Cloudberry, it might only be a mandatory-in-Norway thing. Regardless, I feel I must participate! Here it is the seventeenth and I haven't any mittens on any needles! I best get started.

But before I go rushing off to do that, here are the WIPs destined to be neglected whilst I rush off and knit mittens:

A Starfish Hat, from 60 Quick Knits. The yarn is the Merino I spun a couple weeks ago. It is much brighter blue, but I took these photos under one of those goshawful twisty bulbs, which saps all the pretty colors out of everything.

A Triple Cabled Scarf, from the same book. The fiber is alpaca, from the Wonder Why farm. 

I am experimenting with beads in my knitting. Not sure if I will like it or not.

Some camel-silk, on my new Trindle . . .
And here it is, spun up. See the difference in color? This photo was under a twisty-bulb. The above picture was taken under a nice normal incandescent bulb. I might stockpile incandescent bulbs. I hate the twisty ones!

Speaking of stockpiles, I am really glad I have a good yarn stash. See that black cat in the middle? That's Edgar Allen Poe cat. Edgar needs to have some teeth removed, and will cost a lot. I told him to brush after meals, but he just didn't listen. Now he is going to cost me the equivalent of scores of dozens of skeins of yarn, or unimaginable pounds of wool. And this is a cat that has never earned his keep -- he was such a lazy mouser, I had to get the second cat, the one curled up on my robe. And the cute little calico in the foreground? She is in heat. She occasionally lets out the most hair-raising caterwaul, causing me to leap up and run around the house trying to find which cat is being sucked into a lawnmower, or whatever.

I really don't like cats, but I don't like mice even more.

Damn cats.


  1. Those cats have a mind of their own, don't they? Beautiful crochet blanket on your bed!

  2. I think you're just trying not to become a crazy cat lady to go along with the spinster moniker. They LUB you! What will you do with them if ever you move? Will they have to hide among the yarn to make it to the new house?? Time will tell. Once again I am inspired by your knitting and want to try again - maybe today, maybe knot. I'll let you know!

  3. Oh curses, so I was supposed to knit mittens this month? I actually found a pattern I thought about but I'm going to work on my sweater. Yes, it's out of time out. Woot!

    Love your cats! Mine? They stay in the barn where they provide their mousing service and I don't have to clean a litter box.

  4. Well -- the mice were actually in the house, which is why I got the cats. It was really bad (the mice, not the cats). The Orkin guy was outclassed. I felt I had no option but to get a couple of kitties. On the plus side, I haven't seen a mouse in 4 years!


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