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Monday, March 14, 2011

I Fell Off the Wagon

"No more fiber purchases till Maryland Sheep and Wool," I told myself. "This time I mean it!"

Anyone want a peanut? 

As you can see, I fell of the no-fiber wagon, but at least I did fulfill part of my not-really-a-resolution...I did spin most of what I had at home before buying more.

It's Etsy, you see. It's my weakness. I clicked on an ad at the bottom of a Ravelry page, and it took me to Spin Fusion, which
 led to these purchases.

The pink one is a blend of Falkland, Bamboo, and Angelina. I don't know what Angelina is, but the batt has a sparkly glitter in it, so I'm guessing Angelina is a synthetic. This batt is called "Adina," which (according to the tag) is Hebrew for "delicate."

 The orange one is straight BFL. It's called "Helah," which is Hebrew for "rust."

So, a half hour after opening the package, I pulled the BFL apart, tucked some in a bag, grabbed the cat and a spindle, and went to the vet's office.

I don't believe I need to caption the above photo. 

Anyhow, Edgar settled down and wandered the office, while I did this: 

    While I was in the waiting room spinning, a woman walked into the lobby from the exam rooms and said, "Oh, you're a spinner!" and then told me all about the twice-monthly Friday knit nights at a yarn store not two minutes from the vet's office. Unlike most the area knitting get-togethers (I refuse to use the "b" word), this one is actually held in the evening, not smack in the middle of the day! I just missed the last one, I'll have to wait till next week to attend. Being a spinster, I am of course available on Friday nights. 

     The vet was fascinated by my spinning as well, and I had to give her a demonstration. She admired my purple alpaca beaded wrap, too. And, best of all, she told me Edgar was healing nicely, probably doesn't have cancer, and I can -- happy day -- do this again: 

     Return the cats to their dry food diet. They were eating six 5-ounce cans of wet food per day, and I couldn't get the stink of cat food out of the kitchen. Now they're back to 1 can a day, and all the crunchy food they want. 



  1. I am so glad Edgar is doing better.

  2. You should totally come out to Cloverhill for Spin Nights! The sound of a room full of spinning wheels is so very relaxing! If you come hungry, we all usually toss in a few dollars for pizza :)

  3. I planned on going to CH tonight, but I caught the Martian Death Flu :( so maybe next time.


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