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Thursday, March 31, 2011

An Odd Case of Fidelity

     Perhaps I am having a mature moment of stick-to-itiveness, or maybe it's thoughts of Spring, gardens, and sprouting seeds distracting me from thoughts of knitting projects. For maybe the second time in my knitting life, I am only working on one knitting project at a time.

     The socks from last week. I love this "Bamboo and Ewe" yarn, the color and the texture. It makes a sock that is almost too warm for me to wear!

     I like to start one sock, work it through the heel flap, then start the second one. I go back and forth like that to keep from getting SSS, and to keep the pattern in mind. I know how to knit two pair on one set of circs, but I don't like to do that when there is a pattern involved. I work the gusset through the decreases, then switch to the other one. I really hope I have better luck closing the toes on this pair ... I still wince when I put on the Interlochen Socks with the awful toes.

     I have also been spinning madly.

The rust BFL, on a bed of unspun Golden Harvest BFL:

Other FOs:

     Bottom right is the Falkland-bamboo-Angelina mix, single-ply. In the middle is more BFL, "Golden Harvest" by skeinweinder123 on Etsy. I'm in the middle of spinning this up, it's about half done. And on the left is the Rust BFL.

     My roving basket, full of wooly goodness ... white Corriedale, purple, brown, pink merino, the Golden Harvest BFL, yellow merino, and Rust BFL. I still have alpaca and baby camel to spin, not in the picture. They stick to everything, so I segregate them.

Merino from Lunabudknits. Not started yet, but it's calling to me ....

     As I posted last week, I was home sick for a few days. For most of 6 days, as it turned out, and I had no desire to move off of my couch. I knitted, I spun, I spindled ... and after about day four, I grew tired of even that, but my head hurt too much to try to read or do crossword puzzles. So ... I started another hobby.


Specifically, scrapbooking my hand-spun knitted projects. This is the Arachne Cowl, which was a gift to a co-worker. I noted the yarn used, the book and project, how spun, etc.

The Multnomah shawl ...

The Wonder Why Alpaca Wrap.


     A few years ago I bought scrapbooking stuff, but lost interest very quickly. Luckily, I bought just enough to get a good start without having to run out to the store for more. It was just complicated enough to keep me occupied, but not so gripping that I felt like I would do this obsessively (as I do with knitting and spinning).  I hope to record each of my handspun knitting projects, or my large projects such as sweaters, etc. So now I have record of my knitting projects on Ravelry, on this blog, photos in Flickr and Snapfish ... and now in an album. Redundant much?

     Happy Fiber Arts Friday, everyone!


  1. Your handspun is so lovely.

    I like your sock strategy, I think that is a method I could get into.

  2. All of your spinning is delicious and so are those socks. I like your process with them. Next month I start my first socks. Squeal! I also scrapbook. I'm actually a Creative Memories Consultant (in my spare time). I have scrapbooks of my farm and I have actually taken photos of all the roving and yarns I've spun and intend to scrapbook those so...no, you aren't weird at all. Looking at an album -v- computer is a big difference. Love your scrapbook page of wonder.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  3. Beautiful color choice for your socks! Be sure to wear them in a shoe that they can be seen..i.e. sandal or open toe!
    What a great idea to scrap book. I have tons of creative memory stuff that I was supposed to be using for my genealogy. I usually take a photo but don't write about my hand spun yarn. thanks for the tip! Happy FAF!

  4. I love the colors of your new handspun!!
    I'm glad you're feeling better now, and that your illness pushed you in a new direction, too!!

  5. Ooo, you've given me lots to look at and think about here, great pictures/post!

  6. Those are luscious-looking socks! And your handspun is lovely, as well.

  7. I love all your yarn. The colors are wonderful.

    I used to scrapbook but would never have thought to scrapbook my finished projects.

    What wonderful ideas everyone shares on Fiber Arts Friday.

  8. I just love the idea of scrapbooking your FO's! Blogging is nice but having a hard copy to show family and friends is such a great idea.

  9. Your socks are coming along beautifully! I usually knit one sock at a time, but I see your method would work much better for knitting with complicated patterns.

  10. Oh, such beautiful colors! The red socks are awe inspiring, I love them. Thank you for sharing those great pics of your spinning and fiber basket. It was such a nice sight on a gloomy morning. Your scrap book looks like it will preserve your fiber creations in style. I hope you get to knit/spin with some friendly peeps real soon, it is a great experience. Happy Fiber Arts Friday!


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