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Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Child Arrived Just the Other Day

 ... He Came to the World in the Usual Way!
 (Thanks to Cat Stevens for the lyrics)

 Welcome to the world, baby boy! William, this is everyone ... everyone, this is William!

He's about 40 hours old here, so he's seen it all.

 Here he is with me, modeling the bunting that he will probably be able to fit into next winter.

My friend fooled me. She normally has big babies, but this little guy was just under 7 lbs. So the bunting is, of course, way too big on him, and it was 87 degrees today. So I will finish it, and hope it will work out for him in October, when he's  ... uh ... (counting on fingers ... carry the five...) ... 6 months old.

I can't get over how tiny and cute he is.
I really have to develop a sense of scale. I thought this bunting would fit a newborn?! What is WRONG with me? I have to find a newborn-sized doll!

Squeaky, gassy little bundle of joy courtesy of Melissa. She is a wonderful person with only one flaw, and that is of course that she doesn't knit. I keep trying to teach her, but she claims she's "busy."

Here's to you, William!

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