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Thursday, April 21, 2011

It Happens Every Spring

No baby yet! My friend Melissa is still pregnant ... After a week of waiting anxiously, I have stopped texting her every hour to see if she's "in labor" yet. I don't think she appreciates it ;-)

All I can do is keep knitting the bunting, which I fear will not be used even if ready ... it's almost May, after all, and Maryland is not terribly chilly in May!

A bit over 7". At 11" I add on for the sleeves in the front. The back continues on for 17". It's not meant to be knitted in the round, but I joined it.

 Fair warning: The remainder of this post is about gardening! (Bad Spinster Beth!)

Ten months of the year, I am a spinning and knitting knut. I am never without a project or twelve on the needles, I've always got something on a spindle and the wheel, and I am forever in search of the next thing to knit. But in Spring .... well, all I can think about is seedlings, flowers, dirt, and manure.

As I pointed out in a previous post, this is my backyard (I believe my exact words were "skanky rowhouse backyard). It's 15' x 41, but the lower 4 - 5 feet are unusable for gardening, due to heavy tree rootage and shade.

The dirt patch in the center is for the vegetables -- tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, eggplant. I plan on putting an herb garden at the end of it. A BIG herb garden. I have to wait for my fence before I plant the herbs, but that is scheduled for the 27th. Yay! No more skanky yard!

My redneck patio ... too lazy to put in a proper one :-)

My growing seedling collection.

Blueberries and dianthus in the ground, and dianthus and nicotenia on the fence. I hope to attract some hummingbirds!

 Forget-me-knots, yarrow...

Icelandic poppies...

And I have forgotten what this is ... anyone?

Hostas in the ground, and I put elephant ears and caladiums in the pots. I don't expect to see those until June, though.

I also have lots of snapdragons, dahlia, tickweed, clematis, and a lovely yellow hibiscus. Oh, and the bleeding hearts:

Happy Fiber Arts Friday, all! I hope to have something more fibery next time, but I really do get into this gardening thing, so the knitting usually takes a backseat until June or so.


  1. Oh, I'm excited to see your garden grow. :-)

    The same was true when my sister was expecting last fall. She finally updated her Facebook page with "Still, not in labor... Stop calling to ask!" lol.

  2. Your bleeding hearts are gorgeous! Mine are popping up but haven't started their bloom yet.

    Gardening is good and you posts can't always be about fiber. Looking forward to seeing what goodies your garden produces this year.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  3. I love the Icelandic Poppy. The color is amazing.

  4. I'm not much a gardener, but I love home grown food! Good luck with your spring planting season. You can always knit at night ;-)


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