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Thursday, June 2, 2011

That Darn Cat

Since Edgar Allen Poe Cat's massive dental surgery, he's been very kittenish. He never used to bother me while I spindled.

But while we're looking at spindles ...

The lovely orange Corriedale from MD S&W, purchased from Misty Mountain. It spins wonderfully. I bought 8 ounces, I think. I have some on the Turkish spindle, but -- as much as I like center pull balls -- it is so tedious to line up the yarn while winding it. So I switched to my workhorse spindle, and it goes much faster. Since it's almost summer, I feel no urge to hurry my spinning along. Just a little, every night.

My Knit Picks Anklet obsession continues. Thursday's socks, nearly done! I added a bit more to the pattern, just to make them snugger. I would model them, but I've been in the garden for the last three hours. In flip-flops.

And, the shawl. I *did* mess up the pattern, but I think I will just live with it, rather than pull back twenty rows. See on the top, in the middle? Two of the leaves are side by side with no yarn-over divider between them. I missed something somewhere, obviously. I will try to fix it for the upcoming rows, but I dunno ... I'm barely comprehending what I'm doing as it is! This will be a very clumsy shawl, but I will just keep it for myself, so as not to embarrass anyone by giving them a badly knitted shawl ;-)

 Just a little garden blogging ...

Tomatoes Gone Wild! Juliets and Sweet 100s. There are a lot of green Sweet 100s already. These plants seem to have doubled in size every day.

A bell pepper ...  basil plants, three cucumbers. Two eggplants. Two or three squash ...  I crowded way too much into this little plot!

My front porch. I'm trying to screen myself in completely so I can sit around in my nightie. Almost there!

It's a happy porch. Coraline and Georgie Girl are BFFs!

Happy FAF!


  1. Whew! A busy week for you. It's funny but I tend to spin more in the Summer than I do in the Winter. I think because in the Winter I'm covered under blankets knitting.

    I still want to try a turkish spindle before I buy one. They are beautiful.

  2. I love all your pictures, what a great post! I can't decide what I'm inspired to do first, check out the slipper patterns or run out and play in the yard in my miniscule garden! Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  3. Love your little anklets and your garden & flowers are looking wonderful. I used to have nice gardens but then along came alpacas and fiber and goodbye gardens.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  4. I'm tempted to stop by to eat fresh salad and drink tea on your lovely, secluded porch. I'll bring the cake! XXO-

  5. I am still in love with that orange roving. :-)

    I spin more in the summer than the winter too. My feet get too cold in the winter.

    I think summer just arrived, so hopefully my plants will start growing too. Although I have a few tomato flowers.

  6. About the mistake in the shawl, I would live with it and call it a design feature. It's such a beautiful pattern.

  7. Oooh, that orange corriedale is stunning - can't wait to see how it spins up.

    I don't do gardening; I have a black thumb - but I do love to pick and arrange flowers! However, I love your little secluded spot. I'm with Heather - I can definitely see a spot of tea out there.

  8. If you can walk away from the mistake you are a better person than I am. It would drive me crazy, but that's just me. Your garden is lovely and the kitties look very comfy. The color of your anklets is my fave. Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  9. Most of the time you can retroactively fix a yarnover by pulling up the yarn onto the needle where it runs between the two stitches on either side of where it ought to be.

    The main reason to consider doing that is if the yarnover is missing, you're going to be one stitch short when you get back there on the next lace row.

    Good luck with all your projects. Your plants are thriving!


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