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Thursday, December 22, 2011

More Stuff That Is Not Brown

A felted slipper.

Bernat Felting Natural Wool, "Gardenia," one cold wash and dry. Slightly smaller than before.
A Crazy Zauberball.

A Berroco Boboli scarf.

This yarn is my precious (for now). If it were less expensive, I'd have bought enough for a sweater. It's only 42% wool, the rest is acrylic and viscose (?!). The strand isn't plied, so it's like knitting with tough roving. But I loves it! It's heavy and dense and randomly multicolored and when I saw it as a skein, I wasn't interested. It just looked odd. But the ladies at All About Yarn know their stuff -- they had a display sweater laying over the basket, so you could see how the yarn knitted up.

1x1 rib. Very heavy. Can't wait to wear it!

Knit Picks needles from India (oops they have some dark reddish brown in them). Now, I want you all to note something -- these are not Clover brand. Yep -- after 7 years of knitting, I have finally branched out and purchased something other than Clover bamboo needles.

And I have to be honest, these are nice, but I like Clover better. They're smoother. These are a bit grabby, but that might be the yarn I'm using, since it's got "viscose" in it. I don't know what that is ... but it sounds grabby.


A billion more rows and increases to go. Sorry, Jeff, it won't be done by Christmas! By New Year's, hopefully.

Don't forget to stop by Andrea's and see what's going on!


  1. Ohhhhh! Love the Berroco scarf colors!

  2. Viscose is made from wood pulp, similar to rayon. Tho I'm not entirely sure what the difference is between the two.

  3. That may be the first pastel Zauberball I have ever seen. Your Berroco scarf is sassy. I love the colors. Good luck with the knitpicks needles. I have them but don't like them. I've had a bunch of issues with mine. It's good that you found a few colorful projects to break up the brown knitting. I had to do that with the socks. I have knitted a few hats on size 8 and 10 needles just to get over the size 1 sock needles.

    Merry Christmas! Thank you for being a part of Fiber Arts Friday each week. You are a rock star and I am thankful that I know you.

  4. I hope you Willy have a very Mette Christmas. God Jul.

  5. Gorgeous knitting, I love the yarn! It makes me want to cast on for something new right this moment! Happy holidays and best wishes!

  6. The scarf is going to be amazing!!
    Merry Christmas and Happy 2012!!

  7. *sigh* I really like Zauberball yarns. Their colors are amazing. Your knits are looking great and the sweater still makes me swoon...even if it is a lot of brown...and I, myself have done enough knitting of brown yarn, LOL Have a happy holiday weekend!

  8. You are quite busy! Everything looks great.

  9. I'm a die hard Clover bamboo needle user, double points, straights, circulars, all of them. One year I made my husband buy me a set of Knitpicks interchangeable bamboo circulars, used them couple of times, couldn't get used to their texture, and ended up selling the whole set to a fellow knitter.

    Good luck with big brown! Merry Christmas!

  10. I love the new needles, Knit Pro and the ones from Webs. I think the Clover tend to roughen up with use. I haven't noticed that with these needles. Love the projects. Good luck getting them done!

  11. Now that is some fancy cable work! Very pretty!
    And as it happens, I ogled exactly that colourway of Zauberball not too long ago :) I'm knitting a pair of socks in the Cafe Flair colourway, and I am liking the yarn a lot.
    And in January I'll be participating in a KAL over on G+ for colourworked mitts - I'm a total noob when it comes to colourwork! - and was thinking I'd like two different self-striping yarns ... and the one you've chose is one of the strongest contenders.

  12. I love all the yarn. I've had a Zauberball on my wish list for ages.... I feel I will get there in the New Year. I love the Berroco Boboli, your scarf is going to be just gorgeous. And brown sweater is getting there--think how great you will feel when it is done. Perhaps a little sense of loss you don't have it to worry over.

  13. LOVE the colors of your scarf. I want some knit picks harmony needles. they are so pretty.


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