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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Opposite of Brown Cables

A pink and purple flashy sparkly hat. 

M. seemed quite pleased with it. Happy 3rd birthday!

It was such a relief not knitting the brown cabled sweater of eternity, even for just a couple of days!

(I know ... the hat is nowhere near as cute as the child, right?)

The rest of the post is not about knitting ...

Georgie Girl and I took a walk to our favorite place, the duck pond.

I forgot about the torrential rain just a few days before.

It was just a muddy, impenetrable mess. Trees were down, and the water much higher than normal.

Georgie was quite baffled about it all.

The trail was underwater in so many places. Just muck and leaves.

We couldn't even walk around the other side, it was so soggy. Bummer! We were really looking forward to a ducky walk.

So I went home and decided to do some knitting. See Molly cat here? All innocent, looking away, paying me no attention?


Durn it, leave me alone to knit!

She finally left ....

And it was Georgie Girl's turn to get in the way.

One of these days, I'm going to find a schedule hidden away somewhere, written entirely in dog and cat paw prints ... a schedule that gives all the details of whose turn it is to impede my knitting.
Oh, one more thing ... see the ducky in the foreground? His whole body was dark iridescent green. It was lovely! I've never seen a duck like that before.

Well I am off to try to wrap cotton thread around a merino single ... wish me luck!


  1. The hat is cute! My dog and kitty do the same thing, though the kitty more than the dog.

  2. Her hat is such a great, spunky hat - I love it! She has worn it almost all day today and brought it out yet again to show Grandpa.

  3. It looked like a beautiful day, even if a bit soggy. The hat and kiddo are both cute. (as is kitty)!

  4. She looks so cute in her little hat!! great job!!

  5. How did your plying go? I have a cat that loves to be on my lap too. She won't even let you scratch your arm as she wants you to keep petting her. Love her..but it does get annoying!


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