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Thursday, January 5, 2012

So Far So Good!

Five days into the new year ... so far, I'm doing okay on my resolutions!

I frogged *four* WIPs ... it was mildly painful, but I did it. Now I only have two WIPs going, and I'm trying very hard to stick to just those two, until at least one is finished!

My new perpetual-brown-project, the Malabrigo Crest of the Wave Scarf. It's about a foot long. I want it to be long enough to wind around my neck a couple times, and dangle ... so you'll be seeing this for a while!

Another Paton's project, a diamond pattern vest for myself. I've just started ... so you'll being seeing this one for a while too!

Now that I look at it this way ... two long projects sound very boring, don't they? I should keep a small project in constant rotation, so as not to bore the blog community. Just three WIPs ... that's not too many. Totally manageable. I'm sure I won't go nuts and cast on four more, nah ... I wouldn't do that.

I also finished the Big Brown sweater ... but it's too big, so I need to disassemble it at the seams and make a few adjustments. The lovely Berrocco Boboli scarf is finished as well; I'm not ready to show it off yet, though. It's short, and I need to get some buttons to fasten it at the neck. Plus, it's upstairs, and I've already put the camera away.

I caught a ferocious chest cold over the New Year's holiday. How ferocious? Well ... on day two, I didn't even want to knit. That's how bad. In any case, what that means is I still have not spent the lovely $50 gift card I got from my co-workers! My boss traded me cash for it, so now ... drumroll ... I *can* spend it at  All About Yarn, my Favorite Local Yarn Store! (In last week's blog I explained that it was an Amex gift card, and AAY doesn't accept AMEX). I know this blows the whole no-buying-new-yarn resolution, but c'mon, people ... it's gift money! Surely that doesn't count, since I'm not spending my own money! In any case, I might spend it on knitting books.

So how is everyone else doing? I'm still icky-sicky, but on the plus side, all the coughing has made my stomach sore, which means I'm not eating as much, and I lost five pounds or so in the last week (I've been exercising too, but the sore-tummy-not-eating helped it all along!)

Don't forget to check out the lovely blogs at Andrea's!   

Happy Fiber Arts Friday in the New Year!


  1. I love your blog like always. I especially love the socks. They fit perfectly, are warm and incredibly smushy. Thank you! I even feel a little bad that they didn't fit you, that is how wonderful they are.

  2. I won't get bored seeing these projects. I think it's great when someone completes a big one...I'm so impatient which is why I make lots of small ones.

    LOVE your kitty pic.

  3. Sorry to hear that you are still sick and even more so that you couldn't knit!!
    I was admiring your knitting. Your stitches are so straight and even. The photo of the perpetual brown is really something. I like the textured pattern. Black Cat! My fav color of cat!

  4. Great new projects, can't wait to see the progress! Brave of you to frog, I know you don't care for that. Can not wait to see what you pick up with your gift money!

  5. Gift money MUST be spent without remorse...it's a rule! :)

  6. I think a 3rd small project is ok because pretty soon those two big projects will be too big to take along when you go places. :-)

  7. I'm with Kathryn Ray - a third small project sounds just fine. And I hope you're feeling better.

    Btw, are you liking the Patons?

  8. Gift money doesn't count, as well as major fiber events like Stitches, and birthday or major holiday. When recovering from illness all rules are off, until you declare you should be considered back into the regulation league.

    Happy shopping :-)

  9. Sorry to hear you've not been feeling well. It really is serious when you don't even feel like knitting! Your new scarf looks nice. Don't hurt yourself trying not to start new projects...perhaps a dishcloth now and then will help you get through the long projects.


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