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Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Love Diamonds!

The wooly kind, that is. When it comes to jewelry, I prefer opaque stones.

The diamond pattern vest is very easy to knit, and has a lovely pattern to it...

There's a neat little 0 in the middle, where the diamonds cross over.

I'm in something of a knitting funk right now, so I haven't made much progress on it.
And here's some brioche ...

It is really, really, really not easy to work. Not outside of the basic sl1yof brk1 stitch, anyway.

Single color brioche is easy enough. Bi-color is a bit trickier. I've started this tiny piece over three times, and I'm still doing something wrong at the edge!

It's pretty, but I'm not sure that will be enough to save it.

In other news, Baltimore finally got some snow.

Well ... not really snow. A half inch of some awful slushy stuff fell overnight. It was more like that stuff sno-cones are made out of. Very uncomfortable to walk on.

Doggie was not amused. She doesn't like it when her feet crunch through the crust. She doesn't understand where the grass is, and thinks she has to have grass to do her "business."

An amusing aside, totally unrelated to knitting. Can you spot the error in this photo?

Happy Fiber Arts Friday, everyone! Don't forget to check out Andrea's  site!


  1. I like the diamond pattern. I also think that I will not even consider brioche any time in the near future.

    ummm...the cup of water measurements?

  2. The water should be 2 cups, 4 cups, 6 cups.

    I like the two-color brioche too, but actually making brioche (both knitted and baked) kinda scare me.

    Your diamonds are very pretty. :-)

  3. I love the brioche! Who knew that it was also a knitting stitch?!? You are so clever!!

  4. That's quite a bit of water to rice ratio!

    Love how your diamond sweater is turning out.

  5. brioche stitch sounds complicated! It does look pretty though ;)

    Love the diamond pattern

  6. The brioche is quite beautiful. I hope you're able to master it!

  7. I'm not even sure what brioche is, but I like how it looks. The diamond pattern is beautiful. Love the texture.

  8. Pretty patterns! You always have some amazing knitting to show, love both patterns! (I will have to look into the brioche stitch and see what it's all about.)

  9. I must admit, the beauty of brioche has not yet tempted me. It definitely looks like a lot of work. :)

    And unless you're making something akin to rice soup, that water to rice ratio is all wrong (although clearly you have many rice afficionados reading your blog). :)

  10. Wow that brioch stitch looks tricky, but i like the effect.

  11. The rice label is a math test, make sure we are all paying attention ;-)

    One of my favorite stitch patterns is a slip stitch my mom made up when I was little and she still uses it in a lot of the baby things she knits. It's similar to brioche, but alternates colors (a little hard to explain). As pretty as it is, I've never felt tempted to knit it. The thought of having to frog a row stops me right there.

  12. Loving those diamonds! I know what you mean about a knitting funk, I think we all pop in and out of those. The brioche looks pretty, but so tricky.

  13. I looking forward to seeing your vest progress. The color looks like it will go with anything. I'm thinking that brioche wouldn't be worth the effort but that's just me...I had a hard enough time with the daisy stitch, LOL


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