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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Let Me Tell You About My Dreams

This morning, I hit the snooze button to the point of insanity. I finally gave up and re-set the alarm for two hours later, intending to call in sick after the alarm went off. Well, that's what I did ... but in the two hours between re-setting the alarm and the alarm going off, I had a long dream in which I repeatedly tried to call in sick, but couldn't ... either I was trying to call in to work on my ipad, or I was using my phone but couldn't press the right buttons and had to keep starting over, or I had a strange phone in a weird holster, that had no guts in it. I didn't feel a bit rested when I woke up. I frequently have exhausting, busy dreams, and wake up feeling as if I'd worked all night!

So I took a sick day, and had a nice quiet day. I started two new projects (no I didn't finish the WIPs, thanks for asking):

A mitered square scarf:

In Cascade, and the book is 60 Quick Knits with Cascade. I make eight of those squares, then stitch them together. It's a quick, easy project, you just have to pay enough attention to get the SKNP in the correct place.

I started a toe-up sock with a crazy Zauberball. It's mesmerizing, watching the color changes.

I ignored the growing pile of WIPs on the coffee table.

I walked my doggie, and we befriended a new Rottweiler in the neighborhood. He (or she) is very shy, but was happy to meet me. I think it's an American Rott, very large and sweet-natured, and with a lean frame, rather than a stocky one.

I'm pretty sure we're going to be BFFs.

And I photographed two of my stray kitties, Momma Girl and Coraline, in one of their favorite pastimes ... teasing the pit bull that looks out the bedroom window of the rowhouse next to mine.


  1. I hate dreams like that, I have them myself. Your dog looks very sweet and what else would self respecting kitties be doing? Looks like you are quite busy. I'm starting a new project tonight.

  2. You been busy! I don't see to dream very much any more, unless I am stressed out. I wouldn't mind a dream or two coming my way, of the pleasant variety however.

  3. Know that feeling, If I don't take my tablets I dream all night. it can be so exhausting dreaming! At least when you did get out of the dream you did manage to ring in sick.

  4. I love the toe-up socks...and Zauberball is such a fun name! I want to repeat it over and over and over!

  5. Awe Rottweilers are one of my favorite breeds.

    I hope you're feeling better.

  6. I really love to see a lot of color (as you likely know) those projects make for happy eyes! Have a great day spinster-gal, sending you good thoughts!

  7. I can relate to the crazy dreams and feeling tired in the morning. Happens to me alot.

  8. I have that kind of dreams too, they say it's because you are stressed, glad you had a relaxing day.

    Miter squares are so much fun! I knitted a few blankets with them, they work with with all kinds of combinations.

  9. Zauberball's rock!
    It must be the weather...crazy dreams here too.
    Hope your mental knitting health day worked.

  10. Ugh, anxiety-unrested dreams. I'm glad that you turned your bad night into a good, relaxing day with dogs and cats and walks and gorgeous knitting. (I looove the variegated mitred square, and that Zauberball yarn really is working up hypnotically!)

  11. My least favorite dream is standing at the bus stop in just my slip...I imagine it has something to do with anxiety over being properly prepared for something. Glad you got to enjoy a day off. Your knits are looking great. I most especially have an insane love for the Zauberall sock...my most favorite yarn. Hope you're having a great day!


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