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Thursday, May 17, 2012

And the Winner is ....

Aquamarine Dawn!

Four stitch markers and 2 ounces of blended fiber will be on the way to you ... as soon as you tell me where to send it! Message me in Ravelry (SpinsterBeth) with your address, unless you can magically find my email link somewhere on this blog (honestly, I am so stumped...and I can't load your google+ page for some reason!)

Congratulations, and I hope you enjoy spinning it!

Happy Fiber Arts Friday, all ... be sure to check in with the fabulous Andrea  and see what everyone is up to!


  1. Cool socks! That's a great color transition for a Wingspan, (hint)

  2. I second AllyB, those are cool socks and I also thought of Wingspan ;-) hint hint

  3. oooh, very pretty.
    Dawn is going to love that.

    Those socks are really awesome!


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