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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Another Awesome Sheep and Wool Festival!

I'm going to post the images without too much commentary ... it was a lovely warm day, and the rain held off till I was all the way home.

Below is Misty Mountain Farms, my favorite vendor. Last year, I paid their mortgage.

Above are some lovely trindles!  Below, a Christmas ornament.

In retrospect, I should have purchased this lovely pink-and-green-and-white Zauberball. It reminded me of roses.

 A peg loom


A friendly blue-eyed alpaca and some less-thrilled friends ...

This little one was hopping around like mad ... then she suddenly lay down and rested.

This is an extreme close up of a sheep's nose. A very curious sheep. 

My haul ... very restrained! Three bags of roving, some mawatas, a nostepinne, a skein of mixed wool/acrylic/mohair/somethingelse. Last year I over-indulged to a ridiculous degree ... I still have unspun roving from last year, not to mention yarn! So I kept it simple this year. I wanted another spindle, but the only ones that caught my eye cost $100. There were also spindle-lazy kates, but those were well over $100, and I can get by with cardboard tubes. No matter how nicer a real wood spindle kate would be ...

Now I am determined to get through some of my stash, well before next year's Sheep and Wool. If you're going to the fair tomorrow, have a good time!


  1. thanks for posting pictures of the festival! I'm heading over on Sunday and I always think about what is going on there today!

  2. Thanks for posting your pictures -- an appetizer for me, since I'm attending tomorrow (and can't wait!).

  3. I like your haul - and love, love, love that blue mixed skein.

  4. ooooh, love everything you bought and all of the photos. Super envious.

  5. It sounds fantastic! I'm definitely going to have to make a visit happen.

  6. Sighh...so sorry that I missed you there by a day. It was a great weekend for a fair though, wasn't it...and
    you got some wonderful things. (Love all the pink!) XXO-


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