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Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Sweater in July

... is a hard thing to keep knitting.

I just realize I have it on the dummy upside down ... oops. Okay, mentally flip it over! The cabled yoke is the top. Silly me! I'll take a better picture next time. The dummy is in a room that is not air-conditioned. I don't want to go up there again! In any case, the circular needle I'm using is too short, so I can't spread the bottom out.

So I have to knit 16 inches in pattern, down from the cabled yoke. It went up to well over 300 stitches before I divided the sleeves off. It's at 284 now, I think. It's easy once you get to the dividing point, but I did mess up the increases. Anywho, it's an incredibly warm thing to have sitting on my lap in July.

Remember this is upside down ... the cables sort of flow downward. It's split up the front, with three buttons at the top. Yay! I get to go button-hunting! That's just about my favorite part of any project.

I'm in a bit of a knitting funk right now, mostly because of the heat. It's hard to think of cold winter days when it's 98 degrees outside, and the humidity is roughly akin to that of Kampuchea Cambodia (Showing my age there!)

The absolute most fun thing about this photo session? I had to adjust my (adjustable plus-size) dressmaker dummy down four inches at the hip, and 3 inches at the bust!! I giggled like a loon while I was doing that. I hadn't measured myself before I started running last summer, so I didn't know where I started from until now. Including my waist, I've lost 8 inches overall!

Before and after pictures can be seen here, if you're curious.

I want to welcome my two newest followers, Hege of Norway and Brno of the Czech Republic. Hege's blog is Cloudberry, and I have been looking at her blog for as long as I've been blogging. She is a wonderful knitter, and very busy! Also she takes a lot of outdoorsy photos that are just gorgeous. And Brno ... well, I can't tell you much about her Rainbow-Market blog, because it's entirely in Czech. It's a bit challenging to leave a comment, but not impossible!

Okay, so that is it for the knitting. And for the kitty fans who tune in to see what I'm babbling on about with the kitties, Molly Cat is adjusting to her eye medication just fine.

Sort of.

This is her freaked out look. She expresses it a lot now.

More eye drops? Now? Can't I just sit under here with the dust bunnies?

If you look, you can see that one pupil is slightly larger than the other. That's the glaucoma eye.

I think Edgar Allen Poe and Petunia are whispering about her...


I think she just wants attention ...

Okay, don't forget to tune it to Awesome Andrea for Fiber Arts Friday Madness ... still in the throes of Tour de Fleece, I think. I didn't participate this year. I can't find my d*** trindle anywhere, and it's driving me nuts! (I also can't find a pink bra, and this is freaking me out because I live alone and I don't think my cats are hiding my stuff).


  1. Oh haha.. I thought I was reading a Work-in- Progress Wednesday post and was thinking that you don't normally do those.

    Thanks for the reminder, again, that tomorrow is Friday. ;-)

    I think your sweater is looking very pretty, but the very thought of working on it when it's so hot is making me uncomfortable. lol.

  2. That sweater will be amazing come Winter but I am with you and would have a hard time knitting it right now. My only knitting is a light pair of socks. Hooray for the inches lost. I wish my dress form would adjust size. Mine just stay one size to model my knit goods.

  3. The thought of knitting in this disgusting heat/humidity is daunting, to say the least...but the mystery of the missing pink bra is what really intrigues me...hmmmm...could you have left it in the gym? In a fold of newly laundered sheets?
    If it doesn't turn up, I think you should invent a story about a mystery 'lovah' who was so enamored of you that he secretly took it the last time that he had to pry himself from your arms!! Giggle.

  4. It would be a little hard to pull the top down sweater in progress over the dress form if your needle is not long enough. (I had to go through that with my poncho ;-)) Love those cables! but I agree, heat and heavy sweater knitting don't go together.

    Congratulations on the inches lost!

  5. Hmm, I'm having visions of your cats trindling in a pink bra now...

    Your sweater is looking fabulous, even upside down.

  6. The sweater is going to beautiful! and congrats on the 8 inches lost! Thanks for your visit and nice comments.

  7. I'm thinking out loud here... and I didn't take the pink bra, but you could do the old 70s style and knit a new pink bra, no? Just sayin. And I didn't know how much you lost in inches until this post, but you are looking very svelte and have good muscle definition on the rocks!


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