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Friday, February 22, 2013

I Missed You All So Much!!

Wow! Four days with no internet at home! I had SO much I wanted to share with you all, and I couldn't!

I indulged myself at a kitchen store ... bamboo cutting boards, silicone oven grabbers, a garlic crusher, mortar & pestle, etc ...

I've been wanting one of these rocking-style garlic crushers for ages.

It's fun, but tedious to clean. I use a 00 knitting needle to poke the garlic out of the holes.

I sewed some hexipuffs together...

Started a scarf which is now ....

This big.

This is a Striped Graduated Scarf from Cascade 60 Quick Knits. Being me, I have messed up the tweed pattern pretty badly.

Caught the doggie and kitty spooning one cold evening ...

And found Petunia in her favorite game; waiting till every person and animal is upstairs, then staring downstairs as if something was moving around.

Don't forget to stop by Tamis Amis for work-in-progress Wednesday!


  1. I love how your little hexi-puffs are coming together!

  2. I've taken to buying those jars of already crushed garlic after it became obvious that DH and I were both avoiding cleaning the press with the hopes the other would do it :)

    Love seeing the hexipuffs come together. I see lots of individual puffs but I almost never see anyone finalizing anything with them !

  3. Your hexipuffs look great! I love shopping at the kitchen store. They have so many fun things.


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