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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Well, this is a First!

I started knitting in 2005. I have knit constantly since then, always something on the needles or lined up for next. But two days ago ... a strange thing happened.

I finished these ...

And had nothing to follow them with.

Seven years straight. But now it's just me and the hexipuff quilt, which is a sporadic project. I couldn't believe it. In desperation, I cast this on ...

But I don't know if I'll stick with it, so I won't go into any detail until I know if it's going to be an actual project, or if it was just a stopgap so I wouldn't freak out at not having something to knit. I think it's the self-imposed yarn starvation diet I put myself on. It's crushed my imagination. I hope this project shakes me out of it. 

(That's Edgar giving it a cat-scan).

Okay, that is it for me ... I'm very tired tonight, and I think I'll be hitting the sack early. Don't forget, though, tomorrow is Work in Progress Wednesday at Tamis Amis!


  1. I am constantly putting something in queue so I can't imagine not knowing what to knit next. Relax...spin some yarn ;-)

  2. The gloves are lovely! I have started a sweater, I'm stuck and need to get to the yarn store, and I have started a shawl, back in the summer, and I have not been able to get yarn from the company to finish it. Not sure what's going on. Will have to ask the owner when I go in next. I've always got another project on the line that I want to do. I have some lovely noro I bought that I want to be a shawl but I need help with it too because I don't read charts very well. Oh well, i'll get there eventually!

  3. The mittens are gorgeous!

    It is strange not having something to knit. I tend to go into panic mode and cast on/rip out several things before I find my groove again.

    Good Luck with your next project.

  4. Love those mittens!! I have a hard time working on more than two projects at a time. Just feel driven, which is weird, I know...

  5. Lovely mittens! Maybe it's time for a little relax after so many projects :)

    Here's my WIP: http://mibruno.com/en-proceso-75/

  6. Your mittens are gorgeous!
    Have you tried looking at patterns on Ravelry? I always find when I am at loose ends a bit of time looking at patterns helps me find something I just have to knit.

  7. Love the mittens. And I was in the same spot. Finished a knit item and had no idea what to start next. But, I did have a WIP going, I just needed a plain knitting project to do when I couldn't focus on knitting. Now I have 3 going! Be careful what you wish for. LOL

  8. your mystery item looks really pretty, whatever it is!

  9. Never believe in yarn-starvation-diet! (says she who is going to Stitches West in less than two weeks.)


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