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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hurrying to Beat the Deadline!

NaKniMitMo is almost over .... so close! Must hurry!

So close ...

I still have to do the thumbs!

(Yes, I screwed up halfway through the finished mitten. I didn't notice till now)

I'm not really all that worried about getting caught at the end of NaKniMitMo with an unfinished pair ... I just like to tie up loose ends, is all.

What's February? Anyone know? Any National Knitting for February?

In other news, my quests to make good homemade bread continues. I followed someone's excellent advice from last week ... well, modified it, anyway. I cooked soup in my microwave for 7 minutes, then put the dough in the microwave -- now nice and humid -- to rise. It rose wonderfully. And it rose wonderfully, while baking. The problem is my shaping of the bread ... it's too dense and moist in the middle, and the top burns before the middle is done.

In other news, my smoke alarm works.

Here are the before-and-after loaves:

I followed the directions I found online, which instructed me to roll the dough into a rectangle and then fold in thirds. I did that. I didn't pinch the edges down very tightly, though, as you can see. I think the one on the left looks obscene.

I also slashed the top, as instructed, which makes it much easier to cut afterwards, and should have contributed to the loaves rising so high.

So do you all think I just have to shape the loaves into a broader loaf? Do you all think that's what needs to be done to fix the too-dense-in-the-middle issue? I'd welcome any tips!

I leave you with Coraline and Mamma Girl in their favorite spot.

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  1. Did you let the bread rise again after shaping the loaves, before baking?

    If so, you might try smaller loaves

  2. The mittens are coming along very nicely!And I'm very glad the microwave tricked worked. What type of bread are you making? I usually roll out my dough (like a jelly roll or like making cinnamon rolls)and then roll the dough up. I've never heard of folding it. But maybe that might help. Good luck. It looks yummy.

  3. oh nice bread, I'll keep my fingers crossed for your next ones. Cute mitts too, have a knitty wednesday xx

  4. I have no idea about loaf shaping. I'm a complete cheater and bake my bread in the bread-maker. The mittens looks great. I'll send positive thoughts your direction to help you finish them before the end of the month.

  5. Your mittens are lovely!
    Your bread looks yummy! There is nothing better than the way the house smells when bread is baking. King Arthur flour has great recipes and online classes for bread making. http://www.kingarthurflour.com/

  6. I have no idea about the bread, but the mittens look awesome!! I love that both sides are patterned!

  7. Sorry, no idea what to tell you on the bread. The mittens are gorgeous!

  8. I hear February is National Month of Knitting, when we sit in the big comfy in front of the TV, watch Downton Abbey all day, eat chips, and knit. :-)


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