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Thursday, January 17, 2013

To Block or Not to Block?

Block, definitely!

Blocking turned this ...

To this!

Voila, citron!

I'm not sure how many inches longer it is now, but it made a huge difference.

I have blocking wires and t-pins; I used the wires along the top, and the pins at the edges. Rather than soaking first and worrying about having to handle sopping wet yarn, I use a spray bottle.

Yarn is not-crazy Zauberball.

Sometimes I'm lazy and don't get around to it right away, but eventually I do, and I'm always so pleased with the result.

Here's another, the Elizabeth's Diagonal Scarf...

I only blocked this one to show the patterned edges. Yarn is Berocco Boboli.

So there are two completely finished objects, for a lovely Tamis Amis Finished Object Friday! Stop by and see what everyone else is up to!

This *is* my thrilled face.


  1. You really can't beat blocking and what a great job it did of it. Lovely result on both projects.

  2. Now aren't you glad you blocked that Citron? Beautiful! You and Cat SHOULD be pleased ;o)

  3. Blocking rules! You should get a lot of use out of your Citron, it is very pretty!

  4. Agree. Blocking is AMAZING. It takes a project from wow, to !!!WOW!!! Gorgeous shawls,

  5. I also spray my item when I block it. Otherwise there is so much water in it. Your shawls look beautiful. Have a nice weekend. Regula

  6. Yay, Citron! Blocking does work wonders, doesn't it?

  7. Blocking is really nice and can show off all the hard work - Yours is LOVELY! I especially like that first one!

  8. Three cheers for blocking! Your Citron turned out beautifully!

  9. It is pretty amazing what blocking can do... unfortunately I don't think it will make my wingspan better enough. :-(

    I think I said this last time, but I really like the diagonal scarf.

  10. Wow it looks very different after blocking. Very pretty! :)

  11. I also am always amazed at the difference between a pre-blocked object and a post-blocked object!
    Your projects are beautiful!

  12. Good to know that the citron needs blocking. Mine's hibernating right now, but I love the look of yours, so it might come out soon.


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