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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Craft Resolutions?

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a great time ringing in the new year! 

I'm still plugging away at the Citron, which was speeding along ... until I hit the 540 stitches in the last 11 rows. It takes me a long time to get through one row. I have 4 more to go, plus bind-off, and I'm not naive enough to think I'll finish that today.

 I ran out of Zauberball when I started doing the last 11 rows, but I had some knit-picks that matched it closely enough.

Which brings me to my 2013 resolution ...

Must! Destash!

I was going to take pictures of my stash to post, but honestly, it's embarrassing. I really don't want you all, my knitting, crocheting, and crafty friends, to know what a gluttonous stash I am hoarding.

I hereby vow that I will not buy any more yarn in 2103.  No Matter What! There is nothing I could need that I do not have here now.

I could gift more, but I've found that most people who don't knit, really don't want to be gifted with something that would have to be hand-washed and coddled. Most muggles want to just throw something in the machine and be done with it. So I could be knitting all sorts of lovelies for people, but as soon as they hear about the hand-washing, pressing-dry-in-a-towel, gently-stretch-out, air-dry ... well, it sort of takes some of the pleasure out of the gift when you have to add so many disclaimers.

I gave a co-worker a beautiful patchwork baby blanket when he announced a child on the way. It was knit entirely from Cascade 220. Hand wash. I told him this, and he said with an absolutely straight face: "That's okay, babies hardly ever spit up."

So! What are your resolutions? Destashing? Taking on a big project? Learning a new technique? Do share!

Georgie Girl and Petunia vow to be better friends in the new year ... 

And Benjamin the Tomcat vows to try not to be so suspicious of me ... even though I feed and shelter him. 

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  1. I have no real resolutions for this year. I just don't stick to them. Good luck with the not buying. I would fail at that for sure.
    Your Citron looks great!

    1. I don't like to deny myself the pleasure of buying yarn ... but I have enough to keep me busy for years! Of course, if I want to do a big project like a sweater, I'm out of luck!

  2. Babies don't spit up and dogs don't barf; in what world does he live?

    And speaking of Cascade, I have to admit after all these years of knitting, I am just now using Cascade 220 for the Crossroads at the Coffeeshop shawl. Not impressed as it is very splitty.

    Liking your Citron shawl.

  3. I use 220 Superwash for babies, but hate the high price! So it's only used on special babies. I do like Valley Yarns Sport which is also superwash. And a very good price.

  4. My fibery goals have to do with getting my raw fiber ready for milling and my basement ready for weaving.

    Good luck with your plan to buy no yarn. That's quite a commitment. ;-)


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