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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Winter Storm Warning? No Problem!

Yay! I'll just stay home and knit!

After all, it won't be like this again, right?

I hope not. That really sucked. Nah, this storm won't be like the Snowpocalypse Snowmaggedon of January-February 2010.

All of you who live in cold climes, such as Hege (Cloudberry) in Norway and Andrea of Wonder Why Alpaca in Michigan, you'll probably find this funny - - the Baltimore-DC area is battening down the hatches for a huge winter storm coming our way. How much snow are we expecting? Why, a huge amount ... 4 to 8 inches (10-20 cm)! Better stock up on food and water and candles! Oh noes, it's the end of the world!

Seriously, we're looking at closed schools, businesses, and a virtual shutdown all because of a half-foot of snow. It is just unbelievable! Snow is not unheard of in this area, but it causes such a stir every time. It's supposed to start after midnight and then snow all day tomorrow (Wednesday).

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a day off, hopefully, and a lot of quality knitting time. I have barely made a scratch in my destashing efforts, and I really must get to work on that.

Here is my WIP for Wednesday ... I'm muddling along, but slowly. So many mistakes to be made!

Gail, AKA Nightsongs shawl.  It's not at all looking right, so I am not sure that I'll finish it. The yo spots are way too loose, and it just looks strange. I've tried it twice now, and I think I might have to face that I'm just not a lace knitter. What do you all think? Persevere, or frog? Check out the better examples at the link.

Don't forget to stop by Tamis Amis for WIP Wednesday!


  1. Drama and fear sells, unfortunately. Enjoy your snow day.

    I am so not a lace knitter, so I refrain from giving my advice. ;-)

  2. Well, 10-20 cm is the amount we sometimes get on a daily basis here ;)
    The kids always thinks it SO unfair that the school does not close here during heavy snowfalls...
    Stay warm and knit :)

  3. Persevere with the lace...looks good to me! Enjoy your day off, too!

  4. Down here in southern Virginia we're just getting the rain :-( So I can't stay home and crochet. Enjoy your time.

  5. I say persevere and block. Lace always look funny before it is blocked. Actually, if you are feeling really like stopping, why don't you block what you have, like if it was a little swatch, just to see what happens?

  6. Kudos to you for diving in to this pattern, I tried it once...nuf said,lol. I hope you get your wish of a day of knitting, without too much of the horrible white menace!

  7. I'm with ellyknits. The points on my hitchhiker right now don't look stellar, but I have faith.

  8. Your shawl is lovely!
    I hope you survive the snow. Being snowed in can be fun as long as you have power and plenty to knit:)

  9. I think your shawl looks fine. Reminds of peacock feathers. Yours is just a little bit looser than the Ravelry projects. Keep it up!

  10. ooooh loook at that lace!

    The snow went right past us, thank goodness!

    Hey, I found my missing silk hank you sent me last year. Doh! It was in a bin with weaving yarn. Seriously! Now I can spin it.

  11. Persevere. I made it and it ends up working out in the blocking. I assume you really didn't get any snow? LOL

  12. Oh wow, that is a lot of snow! I love your shawl though, I can't even imagine lace knitting!


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