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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Finished Socklets!

Finally finished some little socks I've had on the needles a while!

These are called "Coquette," from Socks 2 at a Time. I knit them one at a time, though. I have made 2aaT socks before, and it was a bit tedious.

I am also working on a simple one-piece shrug:

There's a pattern, but I don't have it linked. It's one of those large squares that you sew arms into. We'll see!

And here is my current conundrum:

I have 1,000 meters of this Noro. I was going to make a pullover, but those of you who are familiar with Noro ... well, it's kind of scratchy, isn't it? I'm currently scouring all of my pattern books and old Vogue Knitting magazines, searching for some sort of wrap to make with it. I thought 1,000 meters was a lot ... but turns out it isn't really.

I leave you with a cute picture of a cute kitty hanging out under the herbs and Black-Eyed Susan vine.


  1. Nice little socks, Miss Beth. That Noro is a conundrum. A purse perhaps, a few Kindle jackets, an iPod satchel?

  2. The Noro will soften up after a wash, don't be put off by how it feels when new. Love the photo in your header of the pink cables:-)

  3. Love Noro, but would love it more if it weren't so scratchy! And the veggie matter! Oh well, to get those gorgeous colors you gotta put up with some stuff.

  4. Oh Noro! The two items I have out of Noro are a cardi and shawl so I can wear long sleeves under it. Would another shrug work? I love your shorty socks.

  5. I don't know... I made a scarf and hat out of Noro early on and don't remember it being scratchy... Maybe there have different blends? I love your colors though.


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