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Saturday, August 30, 2014

I Haz a Conundrum

Oh dear.

This pattern...

Calls for reverse stockinette stitch. I started this pattern with my Noro Kureyon...

But because of the striping, I think regular stockinette would be better.

I don't have to make an actual decision till it's all knitted and blocked ... but what do you all think? Would it work as stockinette stitch? 

I don't understand reverse stockinette. Isn't it just garter stitch, only smooshed together? 

What do you all think? Would the jacket work as stockinette? I realize that would make it just a sweater ... but the stripes look so much better in stockinette. 

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  1. Reverse St st is actually just that, the REVERSE side of your St st. It shows knitted fabric on one side and purled fabric on the other. So you are just seeing the reverse side of your St st fabric. Therefore, you can knit each piece and then decide which side to show, St st or the reverse side. But be sure there are no button holes or such to contend with, because they will be on the wrong side of your garment. And there may be other times when the pieces will not reverse. But the back would be no issue.


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