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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Winter Snowstorm Means More WIPs

I just can't seem to find interest in one project.

So I cast on another one...

The Mari Lace Cowl  from Lace One-Skein Wonders. There's a sock pattern in that book that looks intriguing, too. I might cast that on as well. This Mari is very mindless. I like to do something mindless and something challenging!

Winter is really starting to get to me. It's been so terribly frigid here lately, and it isn't usually so bad in the Mid-Atlantic. At least, not in Baltimore. We got some snow late on President's Day, about 5 inches, then another 6 yesterday. Ugh.

This is the beginning of the storm. 

The Dogster really doesn't mind the snow so much, except there's no where to go potty.

A later picture.

It warmed up overnight, sleeted a bit, then the sun came out today and it was 40 degrees. After a few days of sub-zero wind chill, 40 degrees felt like a summer beach day.

Now, of course, everything is gray and dirty and slushy.

But it's almost March! Spring is just around the corner!

I gifted the blanket I was making, and it was nicely received. The baby is due in about 10 days.

I hope the blocking holds. It's so pretty like this!

I leave you with a rare, and very brief, moment of coexistence between two mortal enemies. 


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