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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Alpaca Madness Continues!

Above with the Trindle is the might-be-alpaca ... Isn't that a lovely halo? This fiber floats onto everything, including the black cat that likes to sit on my lap when I spindle (yes, I sit and spindle, I'm lazy ;-)

The Trindle is a great spindle. I like all my spindles, but for alpaca, the Trindle is my go-to spindle. It doesn't spin as long as my other spindles, but I don't think I've dropped it but once or twice (by dropped, I mean the weight of the spindle pulling the fiber apart while spinning, not just my natural clumsiness).

To the left, Wonder Why alpaca coming in at about 9 WPI.  And what am I making with my alpaca ...

A clover honey shawlette from "Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders." This is the darker of the Wonder Why alpaca. I plan on alternating the light and dark and hope it looks all right :-). The yarn itself is very slightly striped, so I am hoping it will blend in nicely. I don't have enough of either to make an entire shawlette from just one color. This pattern is easy enough to memorize, except for the lace panel in the middle on the RS; I have to consult the chart for that.

This is my first skein of the might-be-alpaca ... Still damp from its bath. I spun it on the Trindle, but cheated and plied it on the wheel. It's SO much faster! Plying on spindle takes forever (I know, spinning on a spindle takes longer, too, yet I do it ...)

I thought it would be fun to take some 'action' shots of the spinning wheel: 



  1. So cool! What pretty pictures. And I can never get enough alpaca.

  2. That alpaca look sooooo soft and snuggly, I think the shawlette will look great with the slightly different colours, very pretty.


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