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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Something Old, Something New, Something ... Blue!

Clearly, not blue.

First, the new: the silk hankies, or mawatas, FINALLY got here today! I ordered them from Blue Moon Fiber Arts on the third of February. This color is very true to the actual color. They smell like Elmer's Glue!

The idea, according to Knitty.com, is to pull apart one thin layer at a time ... well, that will be next week's blog post. I was just so excited to finally get these in the mail, I had to start with them. Undecided whether I will spin them, or just knit them without spinning.

Thanks to a little bit of snow, I had a four-day weekend instead of the three-day, President's Day weekend I was expecting (thank you, Baltimore County, for being perpetually unprepared for the slightest snowfall), and aside from a lot housecleaning and cooking, I did a lot of spinning and knitting, as well as sorting through my yarn and neatening my stash. Don't you love doing that? I do :-)

In all the neatening, I found an old project:

Uh ... sorry, cat got in the way. Lemme try again:

Okay, slightly better. This is my first dyeing and spinning project; corridale yarn, sapphire and lilac Jacquard Acid dyes, plied barber-pole fashion, and I started to knit a scarf and got sidetracked. I did not do a great job on this yarn; overspun, dyewater too hot, etc, but it was my first effort. I have a hat I made from this yarn that I wear almost every day. It's scratchy, but very warm.

Merino ....

More merino .... very poor color representation. The blue on the far right is from the bowl above. The living room has better light, apparently!

The honey clover shawlette, roughly 2/3 done (alpaca from Wonder Why)

When I block this, I must be patient and allow it to remain on the pins for several days. I always take my knits down too soon, and they shrink all the way back down. It's so hard to wait, sometimes!

And finally ... a series of pictures to show you how challenging it is to spin or ply in this house:

Pesky Petunia ... she is rubbing her face against the yarn and making the cutest noise ... like purring with her mouth open, sort of "khhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." It's cute, but impossible to work around. Nothing distracts her from this .... I think it's the fiber that draws her. I guess I understand that, but I refrain from rubbing my chin on it and purring.


  1. The Wonder Shawl is GORGEOUS! I love those two shades of purple together.

    Cat pics are too cute too. That's how my dog is...all about fiber love.

  2. My kitty has to sit in my lap at all times when I'm knitting. They try to help the best they can!

  3. Your cats crack me up.

    The orange of the hankies is lovely.

  4. Aww. Your kitty! I love cats. I have 13 myself! And those silk hankies are beautiful! I love the orange. I cannot wait to see what magical yarn you spin with them. Have a great week. Tamara BTW you asked about those coats on the alpacas..they are dog sweaters from Target or similar store. Did I tell you that?

  5. Oh, those are dog sweaters? I thought they were alpacas wearing alpaca sweaters! That would be explosively cute!

  6. Your shawl is so beautiful! I love all of your knitting and wonderful fibers!


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