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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy First Friday in February!

In a bit of an alliterative mood here, and anticipating Friday ...

Look! A magic floating bobbin!

The fiber is Wonder Why alpaca (I guess it's magic alpaca!), lavender on the bottom and plum on top. I have been doing a lot of spinning this week.

2-ply silk-yak from the exotic fibers sampler kit. Spinning this was very difficult, and I don't think I'll be doing silk again unless it's from a hankie... it was very slippery and floaty and got on everything.

Pretty stuff, though.

The same silk-yak, and black Suri alpaca I purchased from Etsy a while back. I've only spun about a third of it. Both were very slippery and took a lot of concentration. I'm thinking of making something black-and-white out of it ... a small bag, maybe.

And the one WIP I am working on this week, the interlochen socks. I brought these to work this week and knitted during several long meetings. I got a lot done on them. They will be lavender on top and blue from the heel on down.

The other big event this week ... getting this monster spayed. This is two hours after I was told to keep her still and quiet for 24 hours ...

She seems to have lost a pound in just one day of not eating. Poor l'il thing. She's recovering pretty quickly. She's eating and cleaning herself and I could do nothing to keep her from climbing the stairs.

There is a huge difference between spaying at a vet's office, and SPCA spaying clinics. At the vet, they give you pain medicine for the pet, and a set of instructions, an Elizabethan collar, and sit down with you and discuss everything before letting you have your pet. At the SPCA, for spaying stray/feral cats, it's pretty much out-the-door-you're-on-your-own! This is not to say I am not grateful for what the SPCA does, I just think the contrast is funny.

Happy Fiber Friday!


  1. Love the yarn on your bobbins! I may need to use your quote in my marketing, "It's Magical!" Love it!

    I have tried spinning bamboo and silk by themselves and you are absolutely correct about concentration and slowing down. Even then the wisps are crazy. I've simply started adding them to my art batts so I get the enjoyment of them but added to my Alpaca, they aren't so hard to manage.

    Love the look of your socks too.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  2. Hmmm floating bobbin eh, does it spin itself too?

  3. Wow, love all the fibers you spun up, they look gorgeous soft! Pretty projects too! It was a happy fiber-tastic week for you!

  4. Wow! That silk/yak is absolutely fabulous.

    It may be too late, but you can find an Elizabethan collar at places like PetSmart.

    I hope your kitty recovers quickly.

  5. Ooh, fun sock pattern! And your yarn looks grand!

  6. Your Interlochen is looking great and I love the color. Silk/Yak = love it! Anything that shiney has to feel fabulous. It's amazing how you make your bobbins float. Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog. You have beautiful pictures! Love the silk/yak yarn ... I love exotic fibers, but I only knit with them and I know some of them are hard to spin.

  8. I have only spun silk from a hankie-not too bad-but would like to at least try other ways someday

  9. Lots of spinning! It's all so pretty... and the magical floating bobbin is a bonus. :) Hope your kitty feels better and thanks for sharing your fiber fun!


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