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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Blogiversary!

Wow! 100 posts! I've been doing this since July 2010! It's been so much fun! I've enjoyed cyber-meeting everyone ... Wonder Why Alpaca (how does Andrea manage to run a farm, work a full time job, raise children and alpacas, *and* spin so much?!), and Falling Ladies, and Heather Woollove and Alpacabytes and Bits and Pieces and All Fingers and Thumbs ... Dutch Hollow, Needle and Wheel Designs, Arts, Crafts and Favorites, and Pinkundine (whose moniker I wonder about), Curly Bird Express, Knitting Kitties ... Via Verde, Ally B, Kathryn Ray ... Knot by Grandma ... Nero's Post and Patch, with the beautiful Greek Island pictures and quilts and doggies. Fiberdance and Cloudberry ... I love Cloudberry's pictures too, and she knits so fast! I know I've missed a lot of you.

I enjoy the non-knitting blogs, too. I adore the falling ladies ... I can't quite articulate how they make me feel, but I always look forward to that blog. I think my favorite was the lady falling/flying over a nighttime city, as if in a dream. Then there's the needle-felting, and the crocheting and spinning and dyeing and food posts. I appreciate all of the lessons I've learned from all of you. I consider myself a graduate-level knitter, something I would not have achieved if not for all of the encouragement and assistance (Someone in here hooked me up with a video when I couldn't figure out how to p2tbl, for example). When I'm knitting something large or complicated, I can't wait to get comments on it. I treasure every visit, I really do! And I like knowing there's a community where politics, religion, and region don't matter. Just our crafty selves, goals, mishaps, and accomplishments. Most of you I've met through Fiber Arts Fridays, so I'm doubly grateful to Andrea at Wonder Why for FAF. I look forward to it, since that's usually the only day I post!

So I'm having a drawing. For all of those who got through the enormous paragraphs above ;-). A pair of footie slippers made from BFL that I spun earlier this year. If you want to be in the drawing, leave your shoe size in a comment (I haven't finished knitting them because I wanted to customize them). I'll do a drawing on the 27th and the blog post for the 28th will list the winner.

On to the fiber!  A finished object (finally)

Some spinning ...

During the Tour de Fleece, I decided to learn how to do cabled yarn. I wanted contrasting colors, so this blindingly bright combination of yellow merino and orange corriedale is being named ...

"Sunflowers in my Garden."

Not quite spun tightly enough to be a true cabled yarn, though. It's difficult, spinning and plying that tightly. Next time I'm using four different colors instead of two (it's at least a 4 ply yarn).
I could just as easily call it "Marigolds in my Garden," I guess!

Some new additions to my stash. Red alpaca, and the multicolor beneath it is alpaca as well (When I was cheating on Andrea by going to a local alpaca farm). My first zauerball, and some malabrigo! I want to make a leaf-motif shawl from the malabrigo, but I haven't yet found a pattern that calls for 445 yards or less. The zauerball ... I dunno, socks maybe. That seems so cliche, though. The red will probably be fingerless gloves, and I'm not sure about the multi. A wrap, maybe, or leg warmers.

Happy Fiber Arts Friday, everyone! See you in the comments!


  1. <>
    Thank you for the compliments. I manage to do everything I do because I love what I'm doing. I am blessed to have so many amazing people participating in Fiber Arts Friday. It's amazing how well we have all gotten to know each other over the last few years. Thank you for being a part of all the fun and I look forward to more amazing posts.

    BTW, the socks and the yarn are super sassy! I love the yellow in your yarn.

  2. Congrats on your 100th post :D I know what you mean about looking forward to comments on big/exciting projects.

    Love the orange and yellow yarn, so pretty :) Hope you have fun with your first Zauberball, I love the stuff!

    As for my name - an "undine" is a mythical water elemental type creature. They're often brightly coloured (hence the "pink" part)... I've had it as my online moniker for about 10 years and I often forget the fact that it makes no sense ;)

  3. Happy blog anniversary to you!!! What a truly wonderful post. You have articulated everything I feel about the friendships that I've made through my fiber art and through blogging. Somehow, this shared love of fiber...and our appreciation for the time-consuming and deeply time-honored forms of work that we do...really binds us into a true community, and makes us instant friends!
    Of course, you know that I think your marigold yarn is AWESOME!! Giggle.
    ...and to enter your giveaway...I need to confess that I wear a size 9 shoe!

  4. Happy 100 blog! You made me smile and thank you for putting into words what I feel about FAF! I am so glad to meet you and enjoy all of your posts. You seriously make me think that I need to be knitting more.

    And I think your red alpaca will make great fingerless gloves!!

  5. Thanks for this delightful post. I can speak for all of us who follow you that we just LUV you too! BTW, my shoe size is 8.5 ... 39. congratulations on all your great 100 posts and I look forward to ore!

    Gold, yellow, marigold yarn is beautiful.

  6. Thanks for the mention. I absolutely love your Sunflowers yarn. It's the perfect color combo. I, like you, enjoy the gathering of peeps for non-controversial communing. It's nice to have a refuge from the world. I have small feets, size 6.5 and I'd be honored to wear your hand knit footies.

  7. Shall I share your post on my blog so others will enter or do you prefer "already faithful" readers? :) Love the newest yarns. Beautiful! I know I'm not eligible but wanted to ask that question and say hello.

  8. Happy 100th post Beth, I love your blog, I always come away with lots of inspiration!

  9. I always wonder the same things about Andrea, I think some people can "Just do it" ;-) Love the yellow yarn!

  10. 100 posts is a great mile tone. I always enjoy seeing your projects and your lovely photographs. The sunflower yarn is fabulous!

  11. Awe... I adore you too. :-)

    I love the sunflower yarn... it will be fun to see what that becomes.

    I also have small feet... 6.5 and would adore hand-knit foot warmers. :-)

  12. Congratulations. A 100 blogiversary is a great thing to celebreate.
    You have some fantastic yarns here, that yellow is to die for.
    How nice of you to leave such a nice comment on my blog. And if you accept someone from the other side of the duckpond in your drawing I'm in.
    Shoesizes seem to change from country to country, I am a 39 in Norway, a 6 in Scotland. My foot is 23 cm long. I haven't a clue how many inches that is.
    Have a great day tomorrow.


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