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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh, Look -- a Brown Sweater.

With Cables.  Where have we seen this before?

Oh, yeah -- the last fifty posts! 

And it's 7 inches from hem. Only ... (sigh) ... 8 more inches before I can start shoulder decreases!

You'll note, though, that it's about 3 inches longer than last week, and since I'm doing both sides, that's 6 inches in a week. This is starting to sound naughty.

What else am I doing? Making cat beds with acrylic yarn.

I have a co-worker who knows that I knit. So whenever she sees yarn on sale, she buys it for me. It's always acrylic. I am afraid if I try to tell her that I only work with natural fibers, she'll take that as a hint on my part, that I want her to supply me with wool or alpaca.

So I'm doing the only thing a person can do in such a situation. Make cat beds ... and change offices.

Here is the nearly finished project. It is now outside in one of the stray cat boxes.

I find that simple crocheting is very soothing. Just a half-double stitch, over and over again, pausing to replace the yarn when a skein gets used up. And for some reason, cats love these things.

Not my cats, though. They're too spoiled to lay on acrylic.

Nice to see them making such logical use of a 3-tier cat perch.

Happy Fiber Arts Friday! Oh, and just a reminder -- this is my 98th post, and when I get to 100, I'm having a drawing. I'll be giving away a little goody box with a handknit pair of BFL slippers, and a few other goodies! I really appreciate all of you who read my blog and take the time to comment on my efforts. It makes it really worthwhile for me, and it inspires me to try ever-more-difficult patterns, knowing I have good back-up if I need it!


  1. tehehe, I love that your cats are too spoiled for acrylic. That should be a bumper sticker. "Even my cats know there is more to life than Red Heart" tehehe

    I can definitely see the progress. The cables are super sassy.

    Happy I Love Yarn Day!

  2. You are a very sweet and kind co-worker to be so subtle about the 'icky' yarn. Some people will never 'get it' where fiber is concerned. (You should have seen me trying to explain raw fleece felting to my Internist yesterday, after he commented on my latest bag! An exercise in futility if there ever was one!! Giggle. XXO-

  3. Cats do love the beds and so do dogs. Our animal shelter is always looking for crochet cat/dog beds.

  4. How nice is that! She supplies you with yarn and you make cat beds. I wish I could get mine to sleep on one, he prefers to lay on mine or my dh's feet. I need a dog bed for my dog too. Guess I'll have to start looking for patterns. I have lots of acrylic yarn, it shall remain nameless, that would be perfect for that! Thanks for the idea!

  5. Maybe you should give her some alpaca as a gift and then she might take the hint. I have 10 feral cats that I feed and take care of as well as 7 cats in my barn.! I am a kitty lover. I want to make these beds for my kits. Thanks for sharing!

  6. You have taught your cats to only go for the good stuff, eh? They probably eat the most expensive food, too!! LOL Anyway, the bed is a good use of the yarn.

  7. You made me smile with this one -- with your oblivious office worker & your sophisticated cats.

    Isn't it funny how once you get known for having a hobby or a collection, people think that any example of it is worth buying and giving to you? It's a kind thing to do, but eventually you're swimming in acrylic yarn, ceramic bunnies, or whatever. For some reason people give me candles by the boxful -- for no apparent reason.

  8. We will cheer you on with your brown sweater, keep thinking how fabulous it will be! It is funny that your cats are too discerning for acrylic, but also good that you can find a good use for it and sometimes a really simple quick project is just the thing you need.

  9. I never get tired of looking at your brown sweater! Please give your kitties some pets from me. It's so nice that you make beds for stray cats. Have a great weekend.

  10. Ooo. Excellent use for some questionable acrylic. I have (what feels like) boatloads of the stuff myself that would love to become cat beds methinks.

  11. That's a lot of cabling when you knit the front and back together. Looking great!

    I have a lot of acrylic yarn for charity knitting. They can be hard on the hands, but I know some knitters don't mind using them.

  12. You are too funny... 6 inches, logical and discerning cats.

    You reminded me that my cat was using my spinning wheel last week. I was done spinning, but she felt the wheel needed to keep going. She spun for a good 10 minutes on her own. :-)

    Great progress on your sweater and of course, we all got your back!

  13. I think your sweater is looking great. I agree that is a LOT of cables to do, especially front and back at the same time, so good on you. Cat beds are a great use for acrylic yarn (there has to be one!). You could also make little cat toys out of it too, so they can be comfortable and entertained :)

  14. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your order. Hope you like it! I love that your cats are too cool for acrylic!


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