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Thursday, October 27, 2011

And the Winner is ...


And the prize is this lovely gift box ....

Um, sorry, cat in the way ...

THIS lovely gift box--Edgar! Move! 

The prize is this lovely pair of slipper-socks, which will be in a lovely gift box. 


Other things I am working on: 

The Sweater of Overwhelming Brown-ness. 

A scarf, with the Malabrigo I recently purchased. 

Ravelry linky here.

That's all I got ... tomorrow morning is my first ever 5k (check out my new fitness blog, threefriendsfitness, linked at the top right of this blog!) and I've been mentally psyching myself up to it all week ... I'm psychically exhausted now, and I must go rest and spin some more eye-wateringly bright Marigold cabled yarn. Happy Fiber Arts Friday, everyone!


  1. Oh my gosh! Is that me?!? It's the right shoe er sock size. Oh my gosh, you just made my blech-y day awesome!!

    Your cable-y sweater is looking fantastic and the scarf looks like it will go perfectly with the sweater.

    Good luck in your race! I remember my first 5k, I thought I was going to throw-up at the start. I started out too fast, but eventually found my groove and finished at about my expected time. There's no feeling like crossing the finish line. I'll be thinking about you. :-)

  2. Yes, that's you! I have to finish them, but it won't take long. I'll get on that tonight!

  3. Hooray for Kathryn. I love the scarf and the sweater! Good luck on the 5K.

  4. I don't see contact info... email me: alpacamundo at gmail dot com.

    BTW, I'm really, really excited!! Thank you. :-D

  5. WITH A CAT...really? Wow! That's quite an unusual giveaway! Giggle.
    (I'd love to see the look on your mailman's face that day, Kathryn!) XXO-

  6. Hee hee, I had a sweater of overwhelming brownness myself once. Not nearly as beautifully intricate as yours though!

  7. I so admire that you have the patience to complete such detailed and beautiful pieces!!!! Love that brown sweater!

  8. Good luck on the 5K, way to go!!!!

    Also, I would totally take the basket WITH the cat. So cute! My cat, Gary, is always zooming right in whenever I bring out yarn or wool. He's nuts for it!

  9. Hahaha, my cat has the same opinion of cameras sometimes. And the cabling/texture on the brown sweater looks absolutely amazing!

  10. Kathryn is a lucky-duck, those slipper socks look like they will be pretty awesome!!! I'm totally lovin your cables and the scarf, what a gorgeous colorway!

  11. Wow is all I can say about those cables and that scarf is looking lovely. Congrats to Kathryn!

  12. Kathryn gets a cat, yay! :-)

    Your cables are coming along nicely, so much definition! Good luck with the 5K!

  13. Words cannot describe how I feel about your cabled sweater. Breath-taking comes to mind or magnificent maybe. Love the scarf and those socks are so pretty. Good luck getting that cat in the box, hehehe.


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